Look, a Butterfly! is a wonderful little picture book by Yasunari Murakami. Murakami is a Japanese writer, designer and illustrator who has won many awards for his work.

It’s been ages since we reviewed a picture book, and this one was a real pleasure to read (look at!).

The writer Yasunari Murakami is beyond interesting. He runs his on private museum and art gallery in Gifu Prefecture in Japan. 4 of his children’s picture books have won distinguished awards, including Special Mention in the Graphic Prize for Children at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and a Gold Plaque at the 1991 Biennial of illustrations in Bratislava.

Murakami is also an environmentalist, and wildlife lover. And between his gallery events and workshops, can be seen on his website working with children, developing their art and design skills, through the lens of an environmentalist.

In Look, a Butterfly! young children are taken on a butterfly’s journey through a flower garden. The writing is simple, but tells an interesting story, which isn’t always the case with picture books! And, of course, the illustrations are wonderful.

Murakami pares back the illustrations to the essential elements of the story, just perfect for a developing brain to connect with. The colours throughout the book are bold, and contrasting. An example is the emptiness of the blue sky, contrasting with the white of the simply drawn butterfly. It makes you feel as if you’re really in the garden looking up at a bright, blue sky.

Great stuff, highly recommended for all newborns, and small children out there.

Look, a Butterfly! – Written by Yasunari Murakami – Published by Gecko Press – RRP$15


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