With three separate storage compartments, removable snack pods and dividers, as well as the handy sandwich seatbelt, the Rubbish Free Lunch Box ensures your lunch and snacks remain fresh and secure.

I’m liking

This lunchbox was my first try at divided lunchboxes and I loved the idea. I also like the fact that it comes with two little containers that are perfect for nuts, crackers, yogurt etc.

This box is a good size and comfortably fits a sandwich, snacks and fruit. The divided end also works well for fruit etc. It’s quite a long box which is great for hungry kids but may be too big for some bags and not all kids will need a box this big.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Although I loved the idea of these boxes, I’ve been disappointed in the latching and hinging. I bought several of these boxes in quite short succession and both the latches and hinges broke quite quickly.

It’s also disappointing that you can’t buy replacement containers when the kids inevitably lose one!

The conclusion

This box has lots of good points and is relatively easily available from supermarkets and The Warehouse. It’s also a good price at around $20. However, these boxes weren’t robust enough for my kiddos.

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