Reena’s Rainbow is a charmingly illustrated book about a little girl and a dog. Reena is deaf and the dog is homeless.

Sometimes neither of them feels as if they quite fit in. But when Reena and the dog form a unique bond, it’s not long before everyone finds out just how special they are.

This is a sweet story of our differences, told simply through illustration and an easy-to-follow narrative.

It uses the metaphor of the rainbow to highlight that just as the colours in the rainbow are different, so too are people.


The writers do a really nice job of giving the reader a peek into what the world around Reena is like. Although it would have been nice to go into this a little further. I think there is so much more we could learn from Reena. Hopefully the writers will follow this up with second book.

Overall Reena’s Rainbow is a heartwarming story of friendship, diversity and acceptance, and a very enjoyable read.

Reena’s Rainbow – Written by Dee White and Tracie Grimwood – Published by EK books RRP $18.99


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