In Capital E’s new show Shu’s Song, the ordinary world become extraordinary as Shu discovers the secret life of everyday objects in a home office. Shu’s imagination brings these objects to life in this charming and inventive story about exploring our environments and building relationships.

I’m liking

Going to a Capital E show is always a treat – both for the kids and for me – and Shu’s Song was no different. It’s targeted at younger children (2 to 8ish) but it works on so many levels. It’s funny and sweet and there are wonderfully surprising moments. It would be spoilers to say what happens, but the climax was real highlight of the show for all of us.

Shu is an imaginative creature and the character wears a box on her head for the whole show. It took a bit of explaining to our kids but was incredible to watch the way Laura Gaudin conveys mood and emotion simply (!!) with her body and particularly with her hands. We didn’t have a moment of doubt about what was going on.

The puppeteers (Jon Coddington & Rachel Baker) were also outstanding and the interplay between Shu and the puppets was absolutely convincing. I have seen Rachel Baker in other shows and she has an absolutely captivating way about her. Her nature enthusiasm translates perfectly for children’s theatre.

The other highlight of the show for me was the soundscapes. Designed by Jason Wright, they were completely in sync with the physical elements of the show. As with the rest of the show, there was some great humour as well as moments of tenderness.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Not a hmmmm as such – just a warning – there’s no dialogue in the show which may be a surprise to some children.

The conclusion

Capital E constantly sets the standard for high quality children’s theatre and this is another outstanding example of this. Go and see it these holidays!

Shu’s Song is touring New Zealand from the 5th of May and in Wellington over the school holidays – make sure you see it if it comes to you!


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