The Hoppleplop is a beautiful book that takes the reader on a tour through a charmingly offbeat house.  The story’s narrator tries to show us that the only thing strange about this house is the Hoppleplop living there!

Each page shows a room with a strange creature going about its day, but each creature differs from the Hoppleplop in some way. Finally we find a tiny creature hidden in an eggcup in the kitchen, which is totally not what you’re expecting. It features all of the attributes of the other creatures, plus its own individual characteristics – and it’s fast asleep.

What I’m liking

This book is really stunning. I love the opening line in the book that reads:

You’ve never seen a Hoppleplop?
Well open the door and follow me.
He’s sure to be hiding somewhere.
But quietly now.

Right from these first few lines the children I read this to where captivated and loved discovering each new quirky character they were introduced to.

The Kiwi author Kyle Mewburn very cleverly takes the children on a trip through this story of discovery. By giving the reader a new clue as to what a Hoppleplop may look like with each new page, you just can’t wait to turn to the next. We’re enticed to turn each page with a beautifully illustrated door (illustrated by the talented Deborah Hinde).



This is a fantastic book for all ages. Even as an adult I really enjoyed reading it and watching how the children responded to each new character, wondering just what the Hoppleplop would look like.

This republished version of the original 2004 book is a revised and extended Creators’ Edition. With all the magic of the original and more, you’ll love this Kiwi picture book classic.

The Hoppleplop written by Kyle MewBurn and Deborah Hinde – published by Lizard Lane Books – RRP $28.00


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