I’m the Biggest by StĂ©phanie Blake

I'm the biggest

I’m the biggest by StĂ©phanie Blake is a great book about sibling rivalry and Jealousy. For any Simon fans (Poo Bum and I want Spaghetti) out there, this book will be loved.

When Simon discovers that his little brother has grown a whole three centimetres taller and he has only grown one centimetre taller he is not happy.

What Im liking

I just love this book because it is so relatable. The way the characters interact almost feels like you could be watching your own children.

I’m the Biggest highlights how the eldest can sometimes be jealous of their younger siblings and the way they can act out towards them because of it. Blake has a great way of doing this; in such a way that it’s always done in a fun, but thought-provoking way.

This story doesn’t just highlight sibling rivalry, but also the protective qualities of the older sibling. When Simon discovers his bother being bullied after he has pushed him away, he runs to the rescue (after some internal self-talk of course).

Simon smiles. “Serves him right.”
But after a moment he begins to feel funny inside. Then he turns red with rage. “No one touches MY little brother!”

The illustrations are vibrant and fun as with all of StĂ©phanie Blake’s books . They are done so expressively that you almost don’t need the words to tell the story.


Overall I’m the Biggest is a wonderful read for the whole family, both younger and older. It’s the type of book you can read over and over, and not get tired with the dialogue. I’m giving this one 5 stars!

I’m the Biggest – Written by StĂ©phanie Blake – Published by Gecko Press – RRP$19.99

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