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KIWIGARDEN is a family-owned business in the ‘Fruit Bowl’ of New Zealand – the Hawke’s Bay. They source crisp, crunchy apples, the sweetest sweetcorn and farm fresh yoghurt locally in order to create healthy snacks that show that ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’.

I’m liking

Kiwigarden makes two kinds of freeze dried snack – yoghurt drops (flavoured naturally with banana and honey, mixed berries, kiwifruit, or strawberry) and fruit / veges (corn, and apple). Each of the varieties comes in a box of five packets – great for school lunches or grabbing while on the run. I liked the way that I could pop a couple of packs in my bag when we were out and about.

I particularly liked that these snacks are all free of artificial colours and flavourings and have very little or no added sugar.

My kids all had different favourites from the flavours we tried and it’s worth trying each flavour as they are quite distinctive. We also found that the drops made a really good addition to smoothies – especially the kiwifruit drops.

The corn is a cool way to get kids eating veges and there’re awesome for corn lovers.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The snacks are freeze dried means that that go soft quite quickly once you open the bag. They still taste fine but they lose their lovely crunchy texture. All the more reason to gobble them down!

The conclusion

This is another example of just how clever kiwis can be and my family really enjoyed sampling these snacks. Each of my kids had a favourite and they’ve been enjoying having a little treat in their lunch boxes. They have a lovely, intense flavour and it’s nice to have a snack that’s actually got something substantial in it!

You can buy Kiwigarden snacks in selected supermarkets of from their website:

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