Mountain Buggy Swift 2010- Night in the Menagerie


This is the Night in the Menagerie Limited Edition Swift Mountain Buggy. I won it (I was so shocked and still am!) from Kiwi Families/Mountain Buggy not long ago and I love it! It is the smallest and ‘swiftiest’ of their buggies; weighing in at 9.5kg and the frame being only 59cm wide, but also having a sturdy parcel tray that can hold 5kg. It’s perfect for newborn- 5 years (and holds up to 35kg), reclines flat and is easy to do so. The tyres are 10 inches and inflatable, so really lovely to push.

The set-up:

I put this together without really looking at the manual, which was great as I’m sure we all know what doesn’t mix with manuals, and that is baby brain! I have gone from a Phil & Teds “Smart” buggy, to this, which is a huge leap. I was only just getting used to that one and then this one came along in all it’s 3 wheeled glory, taking up half the lounge with packaging and plastic covers etc. I was determined to put it together so flicked back and forth between pram/manual for about 20 minutes and then gave up and watched a youtube video on it. I had a lot of trouble with the ‘latches’ at the side which you pull back to fold it down, one was stuck constantly and I’d fix it then the other would be stuck. I still sometimes get in to a battle with it in the supermarket carparks and end up losing my cool but nevermind, other parents understand!

The main issue I had was putting the tyres on and learning to fold it up/down but once I got there, we were good to go. Definitely recommend having a Mountain Buggy Swift youtube video on standby!

I’m liking:
– The beautiful pattern on the inside. It makes the whole pram a bit more unique and gives it extra flair.
– How smooth it is to push and how much control I have over it.
– The peek-a-boo flap is great ‘cause I just love seeing what my missy is seeing. It’s nifty and saves me having to stop, traipse around the front of the pram and check on her, or do a little dance trying
to keep up with whoever is pushing her.
– The handle!!! I love how it can go up higher for me and lower for her dad. I’m only short; 5ft2, so it’s a lifesaver.
– The carrycot we also won; which Addi is too big for now (newborn-6months), is so beautiful. I was lucky to be blessed with my daughter so am not holding my breath for another one any time soon but this baby will be staying boxed up and perfectly preserved until I need it.

Things that made me go hmmmm:
-When I won it, I was so excited but so nervous that it wasn’t going to fit in my car.
I have a Vitz 2001 and the boot is pretty small (not any bigger than the Starlet’s) so I was mentally ‘preparing myself for the worst’- the buggy not fitting. It fits perfectly on its side, width ways (the space between back of seat and boot door), but length ways between each side of boot is SO TIGHT that the metal at the foot of the buggy has scraped the living daylights out of the insides of the boot. To get it in, takes about 4/5 shuffles and grunts and holding your tongue out the side of your mouth but knowing ‘IT CAN BE DONE, IT’S BEEN DONE BEFORE!’ helps.

Extra for experts:
I love this pram so much and so does my missy. It’s perfect for navigating our way through Farmer’s awkward aisles, and ramming people’s ankles… Just kidding! I adore how easy it is to recline the seat, and love the extra ‘sun mesh’ bit on the hood. Winning this now means I can’t put off walking anymore. The pathways and parks, after our February quake, became so lumpy and bumpy (like a cheap mattress) that it was really uncomfortable for not only me pushing our last pram, but also Addi, who no longer had to be burped by me after a bottle while out and about. Now that we have a Mountain Buggy, we can go for walkies!

The conclusion:
Overall, I love this buggy and out of “No” or “Go”, this is a big mountain sized Go! I would recommend this to someone who has a station wagon or a bigger sized boot than mine, or stronger arms. It is perfect for mums AND dads, supermarkets, Christchurch pathways, grass, sand etc. So whether you live in a mall or a shed, it’s pretty much right for you.
I love 90% of the Swift and when you love something that much, you just accept the 10% and get on with it. Life is a bit like that!

An ultra slim frame – 59cm / 23in An ultra lightweight frame – 9.5kg / 21lb A multi adjustable handle
A large fixed canopy with flick out mesh sun visor Adjustable seat position from full recline fold (newborn) to upright (6 years) Swivel / lock front wheel – swivel for easy manoeuvring or lock for more stability across uneven surfaces
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