PEAPODS Cloth Nappy


Peapods Reusable Nappies are a pocket style cloth nappy retailing for $19.95.

For more information about Peapods cloth nappies, see our introduction. We’ve also got some great advice for getting started with cloth nappies.

I’m liking

I like the fit of this nappy. It isn’t too bulky and has enough adjustable fasteners to accommodate different leg and waist widths.

The microfleece lining does a good job of wicking moisture away from baby’s skin while the waterproof outer layer stops moisture from leaking out onto baby’s clothes.

The absorbent insert is one rectangular piece of fabric which is easily folded in thirds and inserted. The insert is made of natural fibers – bamboo and cotton.

My daughter (12 months) wears this nappy (with an additional night booster insert) for approximately 12 hours overnight. In the morning the inserts are full but the microfleece liner next to her skin is pretty dry and we haven’t experienced any leaks.

These nappies don’t require any soaking. They can be stored in a dry bucket until it’s time to wash them.

This nappy is also very competitively priced.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The main absorbent insert takes longer to line dry than any other nappy inserts I’ve used. On the flip side, this is presumably an indicator of just how absorbent it is.

The conclusion

This nappy would suit budget conscious families who want a simple, easy to use nappy system.

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