Pugs Don’t Wear Pyjamas

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When Tom goes to stay with his Aunt Roz, he meets her pug, Ellie. But Ellie is no ordinary pug: wherever Tom and his aunt go, and whatever they do, Ellie goes too.

Tom’s not sure he likes being with Ellie all the time. Will he ever get used to having her around?

What I’m liking

Pugs don’t wear pyjamas is an adorable story that touches on slight feelings of jealously and how pets can be a real part of the family.

Throughout the story Tom is often put out by Ellie the pug doing everything with them and seeing how popular the pug is.

The illustrations do a wonderful job at showing us how Tom is really feeling. This would be a great tool if your children are struggling with feelings of Jealously. You could talk about how Tom is feeling and why and what he could do to feel better.

In the end Tom accidently lets Ellie the pug escape out of the gate and realises how much he really dose care for her. He then set out to help find her and them becoming friends.

This is a fun and delightful story with fun, bright and engaging illustrations.

Pugs Don’t Wear Pyjamas – Written by Michelle Worthington – Published by New Frontier Publishing – RRP$26.99

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