School Age: Health and Well-Being: Allergies

We cover the most common allergies and related issues like asthma and eczema.

31 Tips for travelling with family food allergies

Travelling with children, and family members, who have¬†food allergies¬†can add extra stress to family holidays.¬†The secret is to plan ahead!…

Allergies overview

This Kiwi Families article provides an allergies overview and also provides a practical overview on coping with allergies in children. 

Allergies, allergy symptoms and prevention

In this article you will find a description of the common allergies¬†and allergy symptoms, as well as some great practical…

Asthma – Signs, symptoms and management

This asthma article discusses the main signs and symptoms of asthma and guidelines with which parents can help asthmatic children.

What is eczema? 11 tips to help your child

Want to know more about what is eczema? Looking for tips on how to help your child if they may…

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