Kids regularly need healthy breakfasts. The right sort of nutrition in the morning gives us fuel for the day, keeps us fit and healthy, increases brain functioning and helps us to make healthier food choices throughout the day. Here’s 8 healthy breakfast ideas for kids.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and the meal most often skipped. Establishing the habit of eating a healthy breakfast in childhood is really important. In fact, it will probably set your child up to have a positive relationship with food for the rest of their life!

8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Super healthy breakfast oat cups

breakfast oat cups

Ok so these have to be one of the greatest and easiest breakfast ideas around. I have completely fallen in love with breakfast oat cups. I wish I had known about these back in my university days, when I really needed a quick, cheap and delicious breakfast. Super healthy breakfast oat cups.

Healthy homemade muesli

homemade muesli

This is my all time favourite homemade muesli recipe. My Mum showed it to me a few years back and now I use it all the time. There are so many benefits of making your own Muesli. For starters you know what you’re getting and how much sugar and salt is going into it. There are no preservatives, and once you have the basics down, you can change it up to suit your taste buds or your mood. Healthy homemade muesli.

Mini bacon and egg toast cups

mini bacon and egg toast cups

These have to be one of the easiest recipes to whip up for the family. It’s bacon and eggs on toast basically, but a healthy mini serving size, that’s still really filling. They can be eaten cold or hot and they’re great to put in school lunches, to take away for picnics, or for snacks and light dinner options. Mini bacon and egg toast cups.

Nut granola

Nut granola

I like to make a nut granola on weekends and then enjoy it with some yoghurt for the next few weeks. The nuts and seeds are loaded with good fats and protein and I find even a small portion keeps me FULL and energised until lunch time. Best of all, you can use whichever nuts and seeds you have in your pantry already. Nut granola.

Avocado chocolate bliss balls

Avocado chocolate bliss balls

This recipe was inspired by the totally awesome New Zealand Avocado website. It has tonnes of recipes featuring avocados from lunch to desert, snacks and starters, baking, salads, smoothies and everything in between. Bliss balls are more of a snack, than a breakfast option. But if you’re travelling, or just don’t have time to get breakfast up. This is a super-healthy breakfast-on-the-go option. Avocado chocolate bliss balls.

Tropical ginger smoothie

tropical pineapple smoothie

This sweet, summery smoothie recipe we got from Dole uses pineapple, banana and vanilla for sweetness, and ginger for zing. The coconut milk and yoghurt gives it lots of body for a nice, thick drink. We give our wee ones a smoothie for breakfast, and it fills them up for ages. But if you have older kids, or kid’s with a good healthy appetite, just add 1 whole wheetbix to this recipe. Tropical ginger smoothie.

Coconut, cranberry and apricot toasted muesli

toasted museli

The problem I have is that when I go to the supermarket and look at the ingredients list on breakfast cereals and muesli everything is full of sugar! That is not what I want to feed my family in the morning. It is true that there are lots of healthy muesli brands out there, but is it just me that thinks they are so darn expensive?! I mean $15 for 500g is crazy, my boys would have that finished in 2 mornings. Coconut, cranberry and apricot toasted muesli.

Dairy-free coconut yoghurt

How to make diary free coconut yoghurt

There’s only 3 ingredients, plus whatever fruit you want to include in the yoghurt. The probiotics are going to do wondrous things to your children’s tummys, immune systems, and overall health. And this yoghurt is both dairy-free, and has only a small amount of sugar. This is a HUGE improvement on those sickly-sweet big brand kid’s yoghurt you buy from the supermarket. A great addition to your child’s favourite cereal, or as a breakfast option on it’s on. Dairy-free coconut yoghurt.

Now that you’re sorted for healthy breakfast ideas for kids, you’ll want to check out our Healthy Lunches section.

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