Writers: Bettina Buch

Bettina Buch

Bettina Buch is passionate about supporting and guiding people to find balance and optimal health through adjusting diet and lifestyle, complemented by the use of appropriate herbal and nutritional medicine. Coming from a medical background she combines traditional and natural therapies that are evidence based and scientifically researched. She is a practitioner at House of Health

Be prepared and get your family through winter illnesses


The autumn sun is still caressing us with its warming rays but the chill in the early mornings and the nights lets us know that winter is on its way. With it comes winter bugs and viruses that seem to be everywhere – especially in places like buses, trains, day-care centres, schools or offices. So it’s time to think about stocking up on tissues to be ready for the first winter cold? Well, maybe you won’t need to prepare yourself quite like this! The trick is to boost the immune system of you  and your loved ones to help increase the body’s resistance to infection and to improve recuperation. Continue reading »

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