Writers: Fiona Jenkin

Fiona Jenkin

Fiona Jenkin is the founder of True Expression Personal Image Coaching. Fiona has a passion for helping people embrace their own beauty, style and confidence. Fiona lives in Dunedin with her sewing machines, and is kind enough to share her wardrobe space with her husband.

Applying make up 101

make up

This is the last article in my essential style series, so it is entirely appropriate that it be on the ‘finishing touch’: How to ‘dress’ the part of your body which remains unclothed.  Continue reading »

Five steps to shopping success

Five steps to shopping success

“Good morning/afternoon! How can I help you today?”

I have long since lost track of how many times I’ve said this line in the years I’ve served as a shop assistant. I’ve certainly heard my share of ‘just looking’, ‘no thank-you’, and the classic Possum-in-Headlights stare. Continue reading »

6 steps to fabulous wardrobe planning

6 steps to fabulous wardrobe planning

6 steps to fabulous wardrobe planning, it all sounds so wonderful doesn’t it? A great personal style filling you with energy and confidence, all your friends wanting to know what magic elixir you’re taking causing you to look so healthy and gorgeous! Continue reading »

You’ve Got Style!

You've got style

What exactly do we mean when we say someone’s “got style”? We often think of style as a gift that some people naturally exhibit without apparent effort, some people work hard to achieve, or that some people will simply never have. But what is it exactly? Continue reading »

Dressing for your body shape

body shapes

‘Pear’, ‘pineapple’, ‘strawberry’, and ‘banana’ might be a great recipe for a fruit salad, but it can also be a recipe for confusion about our body image. To paraphrase Kermit the Frog: Why are there so many books about ‘Body Shapes’?  How does knowing that we’re shaped like a fruit, a letter of the alphabet, or a household item help us to feel more confident and dress better? Continue reading »

Choosing colours that suit you

colour copy

Colour has a kind of magic about it.

Choosing particular colours can make your complexion glow with health and your eyes sparkle with vitality. Then there are the unseen but equally powerful abilities of colour to instantly lift your mood, increase your confidence and energy, and help others to understand and respond to you more positively.

Continue reading »

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