Ready or not, the blissful chaos and flexible routines of summer have come to an end.  And with the kids back at school, now is the perfect time to set those resolutions that you were just too busy relaxing and enjoying the sunshine to make in January.

What do you resolve to do this year?

Whatever it is, let’s face it, you’re not going to run a marathon next month if you haven’t trained for it, or turn that hobby into a thriving family friendly business without a plan in place.  So, here is a six-step plan for getting off to the right start and setting February resolutions that you can stick to throughout the year.

February resolutions

1)   Know Thyself

It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of modern life, with competing demands and influences, and to lose sight of ourselves and what we truly value or want for our future.

  • Take time out of your busy life to focus on YOU!  Even if that means booking out an afternoon by yourself at the beach or going to bed at 7:30 so you can get up before the kids to do it!

 2)   Identify Your Priorities

There is always room for improvement and most of us have a huge mental ‘to do’ list of things we need and want to achieve during the coming year.  These range from mundane tasks and small changes in everyday life to dream projects, jobs and destinations.  At times our goals are incompatible with one another or with our current reality.  It pays to prioritise!

  • Identify you main priorities for the year!

3)   Set Positive Goals

New Year’s Resolutions are often abandoned because they fail to meet the requirements of effective goal setting.  That’s why we are setting our resolutions in February!

For the best chances of success, make sure your resolutions are

  • Specific
  • Focused on your behavior
  • Positively oriented toward what you want to achieve
  • Challenging but achievable given your current situation
  • Time bound – with a start and finish date
  • Exciting or a necessary step to something exciting
  • Set positive goals in four priority areas of your life!

4)   Create a Road Map

Ok, so you’ve figured out where you are and where you want to go, now how are you going to get there? It’s time to connect the dots and identify the key action steps you need to take for each of your goals.  The more challenging the goal, the more specific your plan needs to be but don’t be overcome by Paralysis by Analysis!   Once you’ve identified the first step towards your goal, getting moving!

  • Break your goals into bite-sized pieces and implement the first step – now!

5)   Commit to Consistent Action

Relying on willpower alone to achieve your goals is a surefire way to fall off the wagon.   We must take Action! And Consistency is key!  Focus your energy and attention on developing positive daily and weekly habits that will lead you toward the ultimate fulfillment of your goals.  Little ripples, over time, create big waves!

  • Turn action steps into positive habits with consistent repetition!

6)   Utilise Resources

Let’s face it, humans are creatures of habit and making changes, even for the better, is challenging! Don’t go it alone.  Enlist the support of family and friends or use the services of a personal coach who can provide you with the tools, support and accountability needed to make lasting change.

  • Get support from family, friends or Inspired Coaching Solutions to help you succeed!

Now that you have a plan to follow, it’s time to strap on your boots and get back in the swing of things!

I will be tightening my belt, my purse strings and establishing a routine that will ensure I achieve some exciting goals for my family, my figure and my Inspired Kids classes this year.  I’d love you to join me on the journey!

What are you committed to achieving this year?

Jen ;0)

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Jennifer Pollard (aka The Kids Coach) is an energetic and dedicated coach and the mother of two beautifully boisterous boys. Her unique, engaging and fun approach to helping children and families develop the mindsets, skill sets and tools they need to thrive has established her reputation as a sought-after coach, speaker and author.

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Great article Jennifer. Will be making my list tomorrow!

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