I’ve always longed to discover and ignite the spark of my creativity in some dramatic fashion. Here are eight keys to help you get out of your own way and unleash your own creative genius!

Being a driven sort of girl, I have issued numerous search parties over the years in an attempt to find and connect with my creative talent.

But the truth is, creativity doesn’t need to be discovered – it already exists within all of us in various shapes and forms, we just need get out of the way and let it flow in whatever way comes naturally to us.

Eight keys to unleashing your own creative genius!

1. Let go and let it flow!

Often we measure creativity based on the object produced but creativity is more about the process of creating than it is about the end result.

By embracing the process and letting go of a narrow focus on the outcome we can open ourselves up to infinite possibilities and allow our creativity to flow as if on a voyage of discovery!

Try giving yourself a general topic or theme to work with and then step out of the way and let your creative momentum set out on a journey of it’s own.

No doubt, letting go of direct control and giving your self the space to experiment, explore and discover without being fixed on a specific outcome can be a confronting and exhilarating adventure.

2. Enjoy yourself!

Removing the pressure to perform and achieve a specific outcome frees you up to really enjoy what you are doing and have fun!

Fun and enjoyment is, of course, awesome in its own right but is also a great barometer for the degree to which we are authentically expressing ourselves and tapping into our unique creativity and potential.

So, let yourself indulge in the experience, secure in the knowledge that you are on the right path.

3. Trust your instincts!

To truly embrace this adventure and enjoy the ride we must really learn to trust our own instincts!

Unfortunately, we are so use to prioritising our rational and analytic minds that many of us have lost the ability to tune in to our intuitive side and trust our instincts.

What’s more, we seem to have replaced this internal guidance system with a tendency to over think things and find ourselves getting stuck in a cycle of paralysis by analysis.

It’s time to stop over thinking things! It’s time to have a little faith in our own natural abilities and trust our instincts to guide us in the right direction.

Believe me, you know more than you think you do!

There are some more practical strategies that can help you along your way, of course.

4. Establish some order

When we think of creativity, order and organisation are generally not the first things that springs to mind. Often we picture the ‘mad scientist’ or the ‘unkempt artist’, both of whom are far too caught up in the realm of inspired thinking to be concerned with practical matters of tidying up and grooming.

Of course, those fanciful stereotypes don’t hold much weight in the real world!

The great order-creativity paradox holds that when we establish general order and organisation, our mind is relieved of the burden and stress of managing chaos, leaving us more relaxed and free to focus on more interesting and creative things.

5. Create some space

Part of establishing order can involve creating some space in your life for your creativity to blossom.

When we are busy rushing around and running from one activity to another there is little room for creative thinking or expression. By over-scheduling and over committing ourselves we are actually activating our bodies stress response and can quickly find ourselves acting on auto-pilot.

If this is something you can relate to, take another look at your schedule. It’s time to prioritise pockets of blissfully empty space and allow yourself wider timeframes where you can.

6. Minimise distractions

It goes without saying that interruptions and distractions are part and parcel of parenthood. For some, tuning out external distractions comes naturally and does not interrupt the flow of creativity.

But for the rest of us, taking a few simple steps to minimise distractions in our environment when working on a project that requires us to tap into creativity can go a long way!

The first step in minimising distractions is to identify what you are most easily and often distracted by.

• Are the children playing noisily in the next room?

• The television or telephone?

• The easy allure of Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest?

• It could even be your own thoughts!

Whatever it is, the first step is to identify it!

The second step, of course, is to actually minimise or reduce those distractions, as much as possible, when you want to draw on your creativity and get in the zone.

This might involve:

• Choosing a time to work when you are less likely to be disturbed

• Turning off phones and other electronic temptations

• Practising mindfulness training to minimise internal noise and distractions

7. Surround yourself with inspiration!

Surrounding ourselves with things that inspire us, in various forms, is a great way to fuel our creativity and helps us be the best version of ourselves!

So, it pays not to leave it to chance. Be really proactive in surrounding yourself with the things, people and experiences that illicit joy, inspiration, creativity, generosity and gratitude within you.

What are those things for you?

8. Let your inner light shine!

Your creativity is a natural gift that bubbles up from within you and is expressed in everything you do, say and create.

From the way you speak to your children, family and friends to the things you produce each day (work, food, art, an atmosphere, memories etc.) to the impact you have on strangers you meet and the planet we inhabit.

Embrace it, let it loose on the world in everything you do and let your inner light shine!

For more ideas on unleashing your own creative potential check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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Jennifer Pollard (aka The Kids Coach) is an energetic and dedicated coach and the mother of two beautifully boisterous boys. Her unique, engaging and fun approach to helping children and families develop the mindsets, skill sets and tools they need to thrive has established her reputation as a sought-after coach, speaker and author.

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