Writers: Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton has a rough and tumble two year old and is pregnant with her second child. She can't really remember life before kids but is pretty sure that there was a lot more sleep involved!

You’re not alone!

light bladder weakness

SO many embarrassing things happen when you’re a parent.  As you pass through the years of parenthood, your resilience grows – or at least I’ve found I’ve learnt to care less what people think. Continue reading »

My control issues (and a little light bladder leakage)

light bladder leakage

There was a time when I felt relatively in control of my life, in the days before kids. I wanted to waste half of Saturday in bed, so I did. I felt like taking my husband out to dinner; no problem. I listened to whatever CD I wanted on every car trip. I could decide to take a car trip and be on my way within moments!  Sometimes thinking back on the ease of controlling situations back then is almost an out of body experience. Was it really that easy? Continue reading »

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