Since I’ve become a mum, a few things have changed.  I used to be a bit creative with my clothes and try them on in different ways – mixing and matching as time allowed.  Now I have about three go-to outfits that I cycle through so I can get ready in the five minutes I have available before my son is up and my husband has left for work.  I used to try different hairstyles all the time, now it’s a bun or a ponytail.  And I used to own a wardrobe full of shoes, not giving too much of a care whether they were uber-comfortable or practical.

Since becoming a mum, I’ve loved things that make my life easier.  Stuff that lets me navigate through my routine with ease, not requiring too P1110444much time away from my little one.  Seeing such an opportunity when I was sent a pair of Skechers in style ‘Biker Verified’, I was eager to give them a go.

Sliding in to shoes that go well with my wardrobe is a simple pleasure.  I think slide-on shoes that look good and suit both summer and winter wardrobes can be difficult to find.  My new shoes are great in this respect.

Getting out and about with my toddler is important in preserving our sanity.  We took a trip down town, he in his Bobux, me in my Skechers!  It was easy to get out the door without having to do up any laces, and great to tread the streets of Dunedin in my comfy, easy, smart new shoes.  I got a few compliments.  Usually my son is the one getting the compliments (granted, he is pretty cute).

It’s often hard to fit exercise in to my fairly fuP1110441ll schedule.  I love that my Skechers double as an exercise-appropriate shoe.  So if I feel like jogging behind my stroller when I’m on my way somewhere, I need to run to catch a toddler-on-the-loose or I want to jump around to The Polkadots when my son is watching them – all of these are possible without having to change into more appropriate shoes. Fabulous!

What are the products you’ve tried that have made your life smoother as a parent?  I’m sure other parents would love to hear about the things that have made a difference to you – share with us in the comments section below.

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Sally is the Community Manager here at Kiwi Families. She fills her time with her handsome, busy boys and her handsome, busy husband; trying out new recipes and researching and writing about family life in Aotearoa.

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