Bud-e-reading is designed to begin children on the road to reading for themselves. It is a fantastic set of resources that are not only print-based but also available as a reading app. Jill Eggleton the creator of the Bud-e-reading system has designed these books to help teach your children high frequency words and build upon their reading skills gradually. 

I’m liking

I’ve found the Bud-e-reading system to be such a great asset to have in the home. My little girl is 3 and a half and has an insatiable appetite for books. What I really love about these book is that they’re set out easily for beginner readers to follow along. The sentences are short and repetitive. This allows beginner readers to learn the words with ease which leads to them feeling like successful readers and helps build their confidence.

My Miss 3 loved talking about the wonderful illustrations that accompany the stories. They’re so well done and give you plenty of opportunity to talk with your children about what else could be happening in the book.

The other great aspect of this book series is the parent and teacher suggested teaching notes that are provided on each page. The notes help you question your child in order to build a deeper understanding of what they’re reading.


This is an awesome set of books for any parent wanting to empower their children with reading. Coming from a classroom teacher’s point of view, they’ll be a great benefit for any parents who think their children may be struggling at school.

The way the books are set out follow common classroom practices in a fun and interactive way, especially if you team them with the Bud-e-reading apps.

Bud-e-reading set – By Jill Eggleton rpp: $29.99


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