Cake Decorating Made Easy is a cake decorating book for beginners who want to add flair to their cakes. With completely manageable step-by-step instructions, this title is a useful addition to the library of any dedicated home baker.

I’m liking

This book is not like some – full of images of cakes that you could never hope to reproduce. The photos are of real cakes that you could actually replicate, which is nice. That being said, they don’t look amateur at all, they just aren’t flawless.

Cake Decorating Made Easy begins with many recipes for both traditional cakes (like fruit cake and carrot cake) as well as trendy options (white mud cake, GF mud cake and red velvet cake). You’re given the amount of servings in each recipe, which is useful. Various icings feature as additional recipes, and there is a fairly comprehensive list of tools and techniques too.

This book is a great balance of more traditional decorating styles, and those that are contemporary and up-and-coming. Many of the options are really adaptable, so you could tailor them to your own preferences while still being guided largely through the process.

Things that made me go hmmmm

If you wanted to use the templates given, they’re given as photographs of the cut outs rather than pages you could photocopy and cut out. In this instance I would ask my clever husband to replicate them onto paper, but if you were sans clever husband, the missing templates would be annoying.

Also annoying is that the cake on the cover also features as the cake pictured for an introduction to the section of the book… but the cake itself is not one that is detailed anywhere in the book!

Some of the cakes are a bit cheesy, but it’s all a matter of individual tastes and preferences at the end of the day!

The conclusion

With lots to offer, Cake Decorating Made Easy is a nice collection of cake decorating principles and styles for the baker wanting to foray into decorating cakes at home. This isn’t really a title for the vastly experienced cake decorator, however it would be a pretty enjoyable read regardless – and you’re bound to learn something with the wide array of techniques detailed. It’s reasonably priced and has a beautiful cover.

This title was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Cake Decorating Made Easy By Robyn King is published by New Holland, RRP $29.99.


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