Fanny Limehead – the surprising wine with a very funny name.

We thought it was timely to review a good wine product, with the long summer holiday in front of us. When the Fanny Limehead arrived, though, I have to admit I was more than a little dubious.

I know Australian wine labels tend to be more visually liberal than the rather conservative ones we see in New Zealand. But the Fanny Limehead just looked too funny to take seriously.

Fortunately Penna Lane winemaker Peter Treloar takes this Riesling very seriously!

The timing was perfect for this review. It was my birthday, and we were invited to my Mother-in-laws for a beautiful roast pork meal in the sunshine. The little roast pork medallions, wrapped in bacon, turned out to be a great accompaniment to this fantastic little wine.

The Fanny Limehead is a citrusy-summer surprise. There’s plenty of characteristic spice and fizz at the first sip, with lots of fresh lime flavours, and a really long, lingering fruity flavour on the palate.

I was definitely surprised. I do love a good, spicy Riesling. But this wine is something altogether more interesting. It’s light and fresh, and full of flavour.

Perhaps it was that we were eating outdoors, with great weather, and even better company. But this wine just tasted like summer! It’s a spritzy, sweet and easy wine. You could sip it all day, while lazing in your hammock, with one end tied to the lemon tree.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you definitely shouldn’t judge this wine by it’s label!

Grab a bottle or 2 for sharing this summer. It’ll go great with this super-easy Battered fish and chips recipe.

This wonderful Clare Valley wine is available in New Zealand now through Definitely check them out, it’s a wine club for the new generation!


Jarrod is a quintessential Kiwi Dad. He lives in Manakau, and works from a home office, overlooking his chickens and bees. His inspiration and motivation in life come from his wife and two children.

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