The Goodbyn Hero is a bento box that’s perfect for school and work. With Goodbyn Hero, you choose 3 to 5 compartments and the pack includes two leakproof containers.

I’m liking

So many things!

1) It’s tough. My kids have had theirs for almost two years and they are still going strong with miles of life left in them. They do easily through the dishwasher and the fact that the lid comes right off means that they stack well.
2) They come in a cool range of colours including red, purple, blue, green and pink. I think that there’s more than a ‘boy’ colour and a ‘girl’ colour.
3) The boxes are deeper than many, which means that you can generally fit a whole piece of (smallish) fruit such as an apple or pear in it.
4) As well as the three compartments in the main box, it comes with two separate containers that fit well into the main box and are great for yoghurt, hummus, nuts and crackers etc.
5) It’s big enough to fit in a reasonable amount of food without taking up the kids’ whole bag.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The fact that the lid comes right off does mean that you run the risk of the lid coming off in your child’s bag. It never actually happened but I always felt nervous about it. So, I did invest in the insulated lunch sleeves that you can get (they come in matching colours). The covers have been awesome and they help to keep the food cool on warm days. Although it does make for a reasonable initial investment, they’ve really lasted the distance and have kept the boxes protected as well.

The conclusion

I love the Goodbyn Hero. It works well for my kids and I’ve used it many times for myself as well. The boxes are available from Bubbalooz and retails for $27.90.


Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!

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