Burnt sugar is all the rage in foodieland it seems! So capitalising on this flavour, Kapiti Kitchen have released a delicious creaming soda to quench your summer thirst.

I’m liking

Creaming soda can tend to conjure up all manner of chemical-linked thoughts. The bright yellow cheap version may be ingrained in your mind. The Kapiti Kitchen Creaming Soda is really not comparable to such nasties yet it does have that smooth creaminess that you would expect. No chemicals feature in this all-natural product which is made from vanilla imported from Tonga and New Zealand citrus. Each 750 ml bottle of concentrate makes 4.5 + litres of drink.

We experimented with the syrup on ice cream – which was a success! And attempted to use it in an egg custard – not such a success but it had potential. The sweet vanilla flavour is something you will keep wanting to come back to.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The conclusion

The syrup retails for $11.99 a bottle. When compared to some other readily available syrups, I think it is value for money – there is a lot of syrup in this bottle, and it harbours no nasties like artificial sweeteners or colours. If you have a carbonated drinks maker at home, I highly recommend you add this syrup to your shelf of summer flavours. Or if you’re just looking for something a bit different to mix with other drinks – be they soda water or something a little stronger – this would be an excellent, refreshing and unique choice. Experiments will beckon you!


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    • Hi MelZ. My company is the sales and distribution company in NZ for Kapiti Kitchen. Whereabouts are you in NZ?. I will let you know where the closet supermarket is to you than stocks this new product. Make sure you try it with Soda water, it’s to die for. Richard/Pioneer Foods.

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