The one, the only brilliant Aussie bible on being ‘up the duff’. Kaz gives you the up to date lowdown on pregnancy, birth and coping when you get home. No bossy boots rules. Just lots of cartoons and the soundest, sanest, wittiest advice you’ll ever get. Everything you need to know about the scary parts, the funny parts and your private parts.

Week by week: what’s happening to you and the baby
Hermoine the Modern Girl’s funny and useful pregnancy diary

NOT TO MENTION: How to prepare for pregnancy and the baby; crying, eating, weeing and working; blokes, bosoms, busybodies and bunny rugs; nausea and other ‘side effects”; choosing an obstetrician and a midwife; tests; what they’re like and who they’re for; the best services and books on everything; stretchmarks; maternity and baby clothes; childbirth classes, travel, safety, baby names and how to be rude to complete strangers; childbirth and pain relief; what to expect in hospital; breastfeeding; what it’s like with a newborn baby.

‘A wealth of good, up-to date information…she wisely goes beyond the delivery to discuss establishing breastfeeding, baby blues and practical things…This is an impressive, well researched and tightly edited book.” -review, Australian Doctor Weekly magazine

“Insane humour and sane advice” – Sydney Morning Herald


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. Fell pregnant when I was 18 and I bought this book quite early in my
    pregnancy. I was SCARED out of my wits and this book was so helpful in
    helping me to understand what was happening to my body. Its great to
    read a pregnancy book that is written by a mother that has been through
    it all, not some twit who thinks they know all there is it know about
    pregnancy because they studied it. I highly recommend this book it
    really is great.

  2. I found it to be really demeaning of some parenting alternatives without
    looking at them properly. As someone in her second pregnancy I found
    the book belittling.

  3. I found this book reassuring in its humour but lacking in detailed
    information about the actual process of pregnancy and giving birth.
    However, it was only pregnancy book I read that actually made me laugh.

  4. I am huge fan. This book is full of intelligent, thought- provoking and
    very practical advice that make you laugh out loud and reflect. It gave
    me so many ideas and different ways of looking at things, while at the
    same time it was so entertaining to read that I read it in one go unable
    to put it down.
    Love the dairy and able to fill the blank pages. I have brought this book for at least 5 baby showers.

  5. Well, the book wasn’t preggy, but I was. This book is funny and
    informative – a fantastic combination. I recommend it to all my friends
    (even if they’ve been pregnant before) Go Kaz!

  6. Taniamitchell Reply

    I found this book really good. Even though I am on the second time
    around, it reminded me of all the things that are going happen.

    It is an easy read but still gets the message across at the same time.

    This is a great book and I would recommend it for someone that wants the facts in a fun and entertaining way.

  7. I am not i big reader and needed a book that would make me keep reading
    week to week and this one did it was fun and had all the information i
    needed when going through my pregnancy

    The Drawings that are in the book are also fun

    fun for the men to read also

    loved this book

  8. I love this book, easy to read and to follow. The diary was great to
    and if you are buying this book to keep for yourself there are blank
    pages for you to write things in like what music is popular at the time.

  9. this is a great book! my sister bought it for me when i was pregnant
    with my first, i thought it looked a bit silly to be honest, but it is
    really fun while being entirely informative too, a great reference book!

  10. I was given this book by a friend for my first pregnancy and I loved
    it’s light hearted and funny approach whilst still giving you weekly
    updates on what was going on inside there… A great read – really
    informative and incrdibly funny.

  11. Fantastic book. I couldn’t wait to read each week and learn what was happening. The humour was fantastic and so true!

    Thoroughly recommended, but you do need a sense of humour to read this book!

  12. This book was great i really enjoyed it.
    Loved how she made pregnancy and birth funny .

    Defiantly recommend this book to all

  13. all you need to know about pregnacy. its all layed out step by step for
    you. I like to hummor and it related to you. A book you dont want to
    put down.

  14. My gorgeous best friend bought this claiming it was the only pregnancy
    book I would need. As the second eldest of 10 children myself, I didnt
    even think I would need one! However as usual with any new experience
    the impending birth of our first child next month and the constant
    stream of mixed advice which other mothers seem to think I want to hear –
    “it hurts sooooo much”, “you will never have time to yourself again”,
    “you absolutely must have this….” (why do they do that?!), has at
    times left me concerned and thinking I should be more serious about the
    situation. Caz Cookes book Up the Duff has been a steady reminder
    throughout that pregnancy is something we are designed for, it is an
    awesome and amazing time, and one that I can laugh and cry about without
    wondering what the heck is wrong with me! It is easy to understand,
    fun to read, and there is no beating around the bush. Combining
    personal anecdotes with factual and informative information this book is
    all you need to stay calm and content during pregnancy and in
    preparation for the new arrival, especially if everyone around you isnt!

  15. I am up to my 4th pregnancy now and have read this book with each baby.
    It is very informative with lots of facts, but at the same time it is
    funny and very interesting. I enjoyed reading about what Kaz herself
    experienced and was able to identify with a lof of her experiences. Very
    well laid out with a helpful index. Maybe a section with photos or
    illustrations would have been a nice addition. For a mum (or da or
    grandparent) I would more than recommend this great book.

  16. This book was fantastic, and if your looking for something to give you
    information and cheer you up at the same time, this is the book. it
    avoids the overly medical approach of many others as the author really
    shares her own experiences

  17. This is a very approachable book, there are chapters for each week of
    pregnancy, and each chapter has informative information written in
    humourous and easy to understand language. Each week a new chapter can
    be read to find out what is happening in that week of pregnancy, and it
    is not preachy, but comfortingly amusing!
    I will definetely get the follow on book ‘Kid Wrangling.’

  18. This book kept me calm and sane during my first pregnancy.
    Kaz Cooke has an engaging and realistic take on pregnancy and parenting.
    felt this book didn’t overwhelm with too much information, but just
    some facts about the gritty realities and lots of anecdotes to laugh
    I enjoyed this book thoroughly and went out to get Kidwrangling for the next step!!

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was full of handy info and
    pointers for my first pregnancy. AND it was a fun read as well.
    It is
    not the most through pregnancy book out there but it is easy to read
    and you can read a little each week or read parts that are relevant to
    where you are at.
    I highly recommend it.

  20. I enjoyed reading this book as it was comprehensive and entertaining at
    the same time. Most of the questions I had and some I didn’t know to
    ask were answered. Whilst I am not currently “up the duff” I am
    planning to be in the New Year and I found this book a great resource on
    what to expect.

  21. All you need to know about pregnancy if you’re a newbie. Goes over how
    your body changes and how your baby grows, information that’s relevant
    to your stage of pregnancy, useful advice (including how to handle
    advice) and most of all, Hermione’s diary is written in such a way that a
    lot of us relate to her. I am going over it now as it also deals with
    the days after birth. Suggest reading it all at once so you’re ready,
    then going over it again week by week.

  22. Brilliant book. I really liked her humour and couldn’t wait to get to
    the next chapter. It was great to see the size of my baby and it was so
    easy to relate to her warm style.

    I highly recommend this book
    to others, as a first time Mum I thought it was fantastic! So good in
    fact I got kid wrangling too.


    Two thumbs up!

  23. My godnother recommended it to meand it was the best pregnancy book I
    read. I looked forward to reading each week when I had reached it. Gave
    you heaps of information with out overwhelming you which some pregancy
    books can do. Helps you to enjoy your pregancy and because it’s been
    written by someone who has actually been pregnant it mentions all those
    little things that you always wanted to know but never could find
    information on. The diary was great to and if you are buying this book
    to keep for yourself there are blank pages for you to write things in
    like what music is popular at the time etc However if you plan on having
    more than one baby you might want to write it in pencil then write it
    in a special book for a more permanent record. Highly recommend!

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