Lessons of A LAC is written by Lynn Jenkins and illustrated by Kirrili Lonergan and tells the story of Loppy LAC who is a little anxious creature and Curly the Calmster who, as the name suggest, is a calm creature.

Lynn Jenkins is a clinical psychologist, author and mother of three. She is passionate about early intervention in the social and emotional development of children. This book was written to offer a valuable message for little anxious creatures everywhere.

In Lessons of A LAC, the story introduces us to the LAC’s who are taught to fear everything and should always be on the look out for potential danger. The Calmsters on the other hand are taught to remain calm and at peace and the skill of soothing talk.

Because the LAC’s are taught to always look for the danger in all situations they’re not friends with the Calmsters.

When Loppy finally meets Curly his heart beats faster, his arms and legs go stiff and his breathing becomes rapid. Luckily Curly has been taught the art of soothing talk and teaches this to Loppy. Loppy uses this new found skill to find enjoyment in life and not to fear all situations.

This book is a great book for all children, but especially if you have little ones who struggle with anxiety. It uses simple language to help kids understand their own feelings, and simple techniques to help work through anxiety when they feel it start rising.

Lessons of A LAC  – Written by Lynn Jenkins – Published by Exisle Publishing – RRP $18.99


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