Lots of people are looking for alternatives to sugar these days and Natvia Stevia and Norbu Sweetener are two great options.

I’m liking

You use less sweetener than if using sugar. Much, much less of the Stevia and about half as much if you are using the Norbu. I found it relatively easy to substitute both Stevia and Norbu for sugar in baking. I found that I got better at substituting quantities after a couple of goes at baking with these products.

You can also get flavoured milk mixes and my kids really liked these. The powders come in banana, chocolate and strawberry and make a nice alternative to other highly sugared options.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Stevia does have a particular aftertaste that can take some getting used to and for this reason, I preferred Norbu. The kids didn’t seem to have a preference and I suspect that you would get used to the taste fairly quickly.

The conclusion

If you are looking to move away from sugar, Natvia Stevia and Norbu Sweetener are both great products to consider. They’re lower in calories than sugar and you use much less in baking. They also come in convenient packs and are easy to substitute for sugar. Check them out in your local supermarket!


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  1. Michaela Kirsteen O'Neill Reply

    Natvia is not stevia. Both Natvia and Norbu sweetners have Erythritol (A sugar alchohol, a substance found in fruit) as a base ingredient with added plant extracts (From stevia and monk fruit respectively)

    • Erythritol is a sugar alcohol . It occurs naturally in some fruit and fermented foods.
      And in any case sugar (sugar cane) is natural too. Natural isn’t the issue.

  2. Logan Fluffaddict Mercier Reply

    just bought some of this in an effort to reduce carbs in our house. I cant see this being a sustainable option for us though price wise unfortunately.

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