This is the latest creation by award winning author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. The New Jumper (The Hueys) is a sweet, simple tale about The Hueys, who are all the same, until one is not…

I’m liking

Jeffers uses very simple, almost stick figure-link figures in this story. The palette is also limited and there is very little in the way of background or detail. The focus is very much on The Hueys.

This would be a great book to help talk about narrative with children and if you had a child who was interested in story telling it, would be a good way to show them that you don’t need to have amazingly realistic images in order to tell a story. It’s also a story about being different and would be a good discussion starter.

The conclusion

Lovely. It’s whimsical and simple with some sweet humour. My three year old was absolutely entranced.


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