Once upon a time there was a rabbit who had never seen a wolf, and a young wolf who had never seen a rabbit.

The pair meet and become good friends. Tom the rabbit teaches the wolf to play games, and to fish. Wolfy teaches Tom to run really fast. But eventually their friendship is tested by that classic game ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?’

This is an absolute gem of a children’s story. Originally written in French in the 80s by Gregoire Solotareff, and turned into a full feature animation film, this English adaptation retains all of the heart of the original.

The story, on the surface, is very simple. A wolf and a rabbit can never be friends, although they try. And as they grow closer together, the thing that sets them apart becomes ever more present. Until one day Wolfy scares Tom the rabbit so much that Tom goes into his burrow, never to come out again. As fate would have it, the wolf is then scared himself and comes to learn the true meaning of fear.

Now that he understands how his friend Tom feels, Wolfy and Tom can make amends and become true friends… or can they?

This story is so much deeper than it’s simple premise! Within, and underlying, the few lines of text are ideas on friendship, bullying, fear, differences, tolerance, racial issues and understanding.

The true depth of this book is discovered not during the story, but in the conversations you hold with your child after it’s finished. These are deep ideas, that are very close to a child’s heart and mind. And they will definitely resonate with this book.

As if that wasn’t enough, the illustrations in this book are just fabulous. The big blocks of colour, and the amazing expressions on the animal’s faces are, like the story they depict, simple but powerful.

Wolfy is just brilliant. 5 stars.

Wolfy – Written by Gregoire Solotareff – Published by Gecko Press – RRP $35


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