Muffin Misfits from Muffin Break

Muffin Misfits

Collectables are all the rage right now, and Muffin Break has joined the craze with their adorable little Muffin Misfit toys. The Muffin Misfits are available in all Kid’s Mini Meals these school holidays. So you’ll need to hurry in to check them out. Read the full review »

Look, a Butterfly!

look a butterfly-Yasunari Murakami

Look, a Butterfly! is a wonderful little picture book by Yasunari Murakami. Murakami is a Japanese writer, designer and illustrator who has won many awards for his work. Read the full review »

Charlie and His Amazing Tales

Charlie and his amazing tales

Charlie and His Amazing Tales is that special kind of quirky humour in a book that appeals to thinking kids. It’s the sort of story that doesn’t dull, and retains it’s interest through multiple readings (always a good quality in a children’s book!). Read the full review »

Bento Ninja lunchbox system

bento ninja lunchbox system

The lovely people over at Bento Ninja sent us the Ultimate Ninja pack lunch box to review. Read the full review »

Bright Ideas for Young Minds


Bright ideas for Young Minds is an activity book packed full of 70 step-by-step activities you can do at home with your children for little or no money. It really is a treasure trove of activities designed to engage, entertain and stimulate even the busiest young minds. Read the full review »

Fanny Limehead Riesling

Fanny Limehead

Fanny Limehead – the surprising wine with a very funny name.

We thought it was timely to review a good wine product, with the long summer holiday in front of us. When the Fanny Limehead arrived, though, I have to admit I was more than a little dubious. Read the full review »

Impossible Inventions – Ideas that shouldn’t work


Impossible Inventions is a funky and fascinating collection of ideas, plans and patents from the amazing to the downright absurd! Read the full review »

Grace and Katie by Susanne Merritt


Twins Grace and Katie have only one thing in common; they love to draw! But Grace likes her drawings to be neat and orderly, while Katie loves hers to be bright and bold. Read the full review »

Reena’s Rainbow by Dee White and Tracie Grimwood

reenas rainbow

Reena’s Rainbow is a charmingly illustrated book about a little girl and a dog. Reena is deaf and the dog is homeless. Read the full review »

The New Zealand Art Activity Book by Helen Lloyd


The New Zealand Art Activity Book is a book packed with activities to encourage children to see, think and draw like artists. This wonderful book is full of engaging and inspiring ideas that will keep your children, and maybe even yourself, busy for hours. Read the full review »

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