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phil&teds navigator buggy review

If you’ve looked at buggies recently, you are probably familiar with the phil&teds Navigator. With 26(!!) riding options, it’s a buggy that works for just about any combination of children that you can think of. The new feature of this version of the Navigator is the Auto Stop.

I’m liking

The new Auto Stop works just like trolleys in the airport – let go and the buggy stops dead. I’m sure every parent knows the fear of a lose buggy and the addition of the Auto Stop means that you are protected from runaway buggies.

Obviously, I was keen to try out how the Auto Stop works when the buggy is out in the ‘wild’. There’s nothing like loading up a buggy with the kids and heading out on the footpath to really get a feel for how a buggy works. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to begin with and I keep forgetting that the brake is on to begin with. However, once I got into the flow of it, I was really impressed. The brake is solid and comes on immediately. You can set it in different configurations so that you are in total control of the way that the Auto Stop works.

There are a few more adjustments to the Navigator that are worth noting as well. Firstly, the double kit has had a rework. It still works in the way that you are used to – facing forward. However, you can now place the double kit so that it is rear facing. It also has a moldable head and neck support section for little bubbas.

Things that made me go hmmmm

This buggy is heavy when loaded up with two toddlers and if your children are biggish, I’d recommend giving it a good test run to make sure that you are pushing the weight – especially if you are planning on going up hills!

The conclusion

The Navigator is a great buggy for families and offers a flexibility of arrangement that must be unparalleled in buggies. In the great tradition of phil&teds, this is model is an evolution of good buggy into an even better one. If you are particularly concerned about buggy safety, I highly recommend trying this buggy.

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