Phil&Teds Smart buggy


The Phil&Teds Smart buggy is a stylish, compact, lightweight buggy that is perfect for around town…

I’m liking

The very fun bit about this buggy is the way that you can customise it! The seat, hood and optional liner all come in a range of colours and you can mix and match as you like. Phil&Teds has also just added a mesh seat to the range of accessories – perfect for hot summer days! There’s a funky tool on the Phil&Teds website where you can see your customised colour… great fun to play around with.

As well as being funky, this stroller also works well. I’ve tried a few ‘umbrella’ strollers and they all leave me a bit cold. They’re uncomfortable to push, often clunky to handle and seem to fall apart easily. The Smart is a solid, high quality stroller that is designed to last. It’s maneuverable and fits larger children as well as younger ones. You can also use both a carrycot attachment and a car seat attachment with this buggy, so it’s great for babies as well as toddlers.

Things that made me go hmmmm

This buggy doesn’t lie flat and doesn’t have suspension so it’s probably not ideal for long walks or adventures but for around the shops or popping down the road, it’s an excellent option.

The conclusion

This is a brilliant stroller for around town – particularly in shops and malls. It’s compact enough to chuck in the car and still have room for shopping but is still big enough for your child to be comfortable in. It’s adaptable for a range of different sized children and is built to last. And of course, the customisable components are very, very cool.

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