Birth: The Birth

Are you wondering what will happen during the birth of your baby? Check out our section on birth.

Assisted birth

An Assisted Birth is one where forceps or ventouse are used to assist the birth of the baby.

Caesarean Births

All you need to know about caesarean births

Fetal Distress

This article discusses fetal distress – why a baby may become distressed before birth and the likely consequences of fetal…

Making a birth plan

Many women in NZ make a birth plan for their labour and birth. A birth plan can help to guide…

Normal birth

This article gives an overview of a normal birth. It tells you what to expect and how to optimise your…

Promoting Natural Childbirth

This article gives information to NZ parents on promoting natural childbirth and advice on how to keep the birth as…

Where to give birth

This article outlines the options of where to give birth for women in New Zealand. There are 3 main options…

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