Teens: Health and Well-Being

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Information about allergies.

Circus School: An Art Form Where Physical Strength Meets Creative Flair

Eve Gordon, from The Dust Palace Circus School, gives us some insight into the world of circus.

Eating to Build Immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your…

Emergency checklist for sick children

This emergencies checklist provides invaluable advice on when it is a medical emergency and when you can routinely visit your…

Food allergy symptoms and diagnosis

This article on food allergy symptoms and diagnosis gives great advice and information on allergies and nutrition for families in…

Food for sick kids

This article contains advice and nutritional tips for you to help your sick child back to a full recovery through…


All you need to know about common illnesses for teenagers.

Iron for children

Children need iron in their diet. Read about iron for children — child requirements, types of iron, causes & symptoms…

Mums, Daughters and Periods

When should mums and daughters talk about periods, what advice should we give them and how can we do this…

Periods information sheet

Information sharing on periods can be tricky – this information sheet on periods can be used to help explain periods…

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