11 to 12 year old child behaviour

11-12 year old behaviour

Are you searching for information and advice to help you as a parent to understand and help with a particular child behaviour problem or issue? Screaming eleven year old? Adolescent twelve year old?

We provide¬†excellent articles about¬†11 & 12 Year Old Child Behaviour — the major problems & issues, including discipline strategies, typical or normal behaviour.

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 11 & 12 Year Old Pre-Teen or Tween Behaviour

Problems * Issues * Discipline


 Aggression in children


 The Angry Child


 Arguing and Back-Talk

 Bad Language

 When a Child uses Bad Language
 When a Child uses Dirty Language


¬†Why Kids Bite Other Kids¬†… and How To Stop It!
 Biting Must Never be Permitted


 Bullying 1
 Bullying 2
 What to do if your child is being Bullied
 What parents can do to combat Bullying
 Bully Proofing our Kids
 What if the Bully is YOUR child?

 Changes in behaviour

 Winds of Change
 Growing Independence
 Developmental stages
 Mums, Daughters & Periods


  Communicating with your Pre-Teen
 Adolescence and your relationship
  Family Meetings build Stronger Ties
 Your Communication with your child
¬†Why Won’t My Child Talk To Me?

 Discipline Strategies

 How to Discipline a child according to Age
 Guiding your child with positive discipline
 Discipline without physical punishment
 Effective Time Out
 Time out and 1-2-3 Magic
 Using Time Out for Negative behaviors
 Guidelines for using Time Out with children
 Nine Common Parenting Mistakes
 Positive Discipline & Child Guidance
 How to use Incentive Charts with Kids


 The Effects of Divorce on Children

 Eating Habits

  Banning Foods makes them more Desirable
 Dessert РNot Unless you Finish your Dinner
 Minimising Mealtime Mayhem
 How to Teach your child Polite Table Manners


 Taming the Monster: Helping children deal with their Fears

 Good Behavior Strategies

¬†Your child’s behaviour
¬†Why Won’t My Child Talk To Me
 10 Tips for Nurturing your Child


 Living with a Hyperactive Child
 Hyperactivity and ADHD
 How to Discipline a Hyperactive child


¬†When the Kids Won’t Listen
 The child who Interrupts


 When Children Lie
 Help! My child Lies


 Manners, Please!

 Media (TV, Computers, Video Games, etc)

 Managing media use in the home
 How to promote good television habits


 Causes of Misbehavior
 Talking to young children when they Misbehave
 When your child misbehaves
 5 year old Throwing Tantrums
 Behavior Modification for a 5 Year Old

 Nail Biting

 Nail Biting

 Nose Picking

 Stop Picking your Nose


 How to Teach a child Patience

 Paying Attention

 Diagnostic Guidelines for ADHD
 Free Advice about ADHD


 How to Teach Children to be Kind to Animals

 Reward Systems

 Bribery vs. Reinforcement
 The Family Chip Reward System


 Teaching Your child to be Safe
 Child Safety РTips, Advice
 Internet Safety


 Starting School
 Starting Primary school
 Helping with Homework
 Your child and Homework

 Self Esteem

 Self Esteem Spirals
 Confidence building

 Separation (Parental)

 When parents separate: How you can help children cope


 10 Tips for Shopping with Children


 The Shy Child

 Sibling Rivalry

 Sibling Rivalry 1
 Sibling Rivalry 2
 Sibling Rivalry and how to Stop it

 Single Parenting

¬†Single Parents — section of 15 articles for parents going solo


¬†Children’s Sleep Habits
 Getting Kids to Bed
 Nightmares and Nightterrors
 Nightmare, Night Terrors & Sleep Walking
 Whose Bedtime is it Anyway?
 Bedtime Rituals can get children to sleep on time
 Sleep strategies

 Smacking / Spanking

 To Spank or Not to Spank?
 To Smack or not to Smack


 When Older Children Steal
 What to do when a Child Steals

 Step Parenting

 Your Kid gets up my Nose
 Step Parents


 Helping your child deal with Stress
 Moods, Stress & Depression


 Helping children deal with Teasing
 Teasing and the Short Child

 Weight problems

 3 Mistakes Parents of Overweight Kids make
 Weight can Damage Self-Esteem
 Overweight: a Weight Reduction Program


 Eliminate Whining
 How to help stop your child from whining
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  • greg

    I need some help with my 12 year old dsughter

  • Cheryl

    My 11 year old honor student, has attitude all the time, she broke her smart phone and expects a new one when told she would have to earn it, pouted refusing a standard flip phone replacement, then a few minutes. Later I smelled smoke in house and paniced I was about to call 911 when she admitted she lit a price of paper on fire in her room, has no explanation as to why. I’m mad, confused.

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