How do I know I am pregnant ? This article explores the early signs and symptoms you may have if you are pregnant and common feelings in early pregnancy.

Some women will be asking this question after months of hoping and planning to be pregnant… others will be asking it with their hearts in their mouths, suspecting an unplanned pregnancy… others will be shocked and surprised that it could happen so quickly…

But every woman will feel some trepidation at the thought of a possible new life growing inside them, which will change their lives in so many ways.

How do I know I am pregnant?

The first sign is usually that your period is late. For some women they feel different immediately – they may feel tired, or their breasts feel tingly and swollen.

Some women have an erratic menstrual cycle, or pay no attention to it, so they can be a few weeks or months pregnant before they realise (this is hard to believe for those of us who go through the first few months vomiting every few hours!).

What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?

Early pregnancy

  • Breasts – you may have sore breasts which are tingling, sensitive, feeling tense or enlarged
  • Late menstrual period – your period may be late (but this can be unreliable if you have recently taken hormonal contraceptives or suffered some form of stress)
  • Sickness – this varies greatly from woman to woman, from occasional vague nausea to chronic vomiting. The term morning sickness is a bit misleading – some women feel sick in the afternoons or evenings, and some poor souls are sick all day!
    • To get relief from the symptoms of pregnancy morning sickness, try Morning Sicknessself hypnosis
  • Bladder – a lot of women quickly notice they are going to the toilet more frequently (which can be rather annoying at night!)
  • Feeling tired – you may be feeling inexplicably tired and feel the need to go to bed early, or even take an afternoon nap.
  • Taste buds – many women report that their taste buds change – foods or drinks that they liked previously now taste “funny” or metallic or downright horrible! Some common examples are coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

After 12 – 16 weeks of pregnancy

  • Waistline! – you will notice that your clothes feel tighter and your waist thickens (possibly time to put your jeans away for a while).

16 – 20 weeks pregnant

  • Foetal movements – you will feel your baby kick for the first time. Initially it will feel like a butterfly fluttering, but you will soon recognise the growing strength of these movements.

Free online pregnancy test

To see a detailed list of pregnancy signs and symptoms take our Free Online Pregnancy Test.
Free online pregnancy test

Pregnancy Tests

Find out which are the best and cheapest Home Pregnancy Tests.
Am I pregnant

Your pregnancy can be confirmed by a simple test that can be purchased at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

These tests have absorbent sticks that test your urine.  You can either hold the tester under your flow of urine whilst you’re on the toilet, or collect some urine in a container and dip the stick into that.

The tester will detect human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone of pregnancy, in your urine if you are pregnant.

Most pregnancy testers can be used from the day that your period is due. Some tests, however, can detect a pregnancy from 4 days before your period is due.

A negative test does not always mean you are not pregnant – you may just have conducted the test too early, before there was enough hCG showing in your urine. If your period does not arrive in a few days, repeat the test – for this reason tests are often purchased as packs of two.

A positive test, however, is 99% accurate (however, be aware that a false positive could be caused by a recent miscarriage or fertility drugs).

If you would like some help with doing a pregnancy test then you can go to your GP’s surgery or visit your local midwife clinic (there may be charges for this to be done).

Pregnancy tests can also be done at your local NZ Family Planning Clinic, at a reduced rate – see the website link below.

How pregnant am I?

The answer to this question lies in the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). It is used for calculating your pregnancy dates, as it is the only sure date you have – because women ovulate and conceive at different times in their menstrual cycle. The average woman, however, ovulates 14 days before her next period is due.

Midwives and doctors will use your LMP date and the average length of your cycle (usually 28 days) to ascertain your Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD). They will add 9 months and 7 days to your LMP date and then adjust your due date according to the length of your cycle, if it is particularly long or short.

For example, if your LMP was 3rd January and your average menstrual cycle is 35 days then this would be the calculation:

Add 9 months and 7 days (10th October), plus a further 7 days to take your long menstrual cycle into account – your EDD is 17th October.  (The 7 days is your cycle length – 35 days – less the average women’s cycle of 28 days).

Technically, for the first two weeks of your pregnancy you are not actually pregnant! When you are ‘4 weeks pregnant’ by your LMP date, it is only 2 weeks since conception.

Many women are uncertain of the date of their last menstrual period – an early scan will confirm the length of your pregnancy so far, but after 16 weeks this becomes less reliable, as babies start to grow at different rates.

How might I feel about being pregnant?

Well there’s an individual answer to this for every pregnancy – no feeling is ‘abnormal’.

You may feel elated, like hugging yourself and shouting out from the roof tops.

It would be equally normal to feel paralysed with fear and wonder how on earth you are going to cope.

Surprise and shock may sum it up for you. Complete denial is not uncommon….

Your reaction to your pregnancy – or to a negative pregnancy test – is your unique response. There is no right or wrong way to respond to this and you may even be surprised by your own reaction!

If you need support that you don’t feel you can get from your partner / family / friends remember there are agencies which will give advice and help you to work through your options, for example the Family Planning Association of New Zealand (see website link below).

And how might he feel?

Well just like women, men have feelings too – and not always the ones we want them to have!

He may be over the moon – or cautious – or terrified – or angry.

He may not talk openly about how he is feeling and may need a bit of time and space to adjust to this overwhelming sense of responsibility…

And he may take the majority of the pregnancy to feel an attachment to the baby – whereas you may feel it the instant you see the little blue line on the pregnancy tester!

Allow time and space for each of you; other friends who have kids already can be a great source of support and amusement as can talking to someone who is not emotionally involved, such as a health professional or counsellor.

What can I do?

  • Prior to pregnancy and for the first 12 weeks it is advisable to take 800mcg folic acid daily. Research has shown that this reduces the chance of your baby developing neural tube defects. If you have a family history of spina bifida, or any other neural tube defect, talk to your GP about taking a higher dose of folic acid at this time (5 grams).
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Ensure you have a balanced diet to ensure your health and that of your baby – see our article on Nutrition in Pregnancy co-written by a midwife and nutritionist.
  • Give yourself and your partner time to adjust to this life-changing news – and accept that throughout your pregnancy you will have ups and downs and inevitable moments of regret for the freedom you will lose, particularly if this is your first child.
  • Relax, enjoy and look after yourselves!

For more detailed advice on preparing for pregnancy visit our article on Preconception Care.

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Paula Skelton is a qualified NZ nurse and midwife, a midwifery & childbirth educator and the mum of three lovely girls.

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Danica Razalo

im late 3 weeks on my period I’ve been having a something strange in my tummy and Im not in the mood to eat and am i pregnant?

Aprilann Morunga-MacPherson

On the 3-6th of July my partner and I were having sex a lot haha then on the 7th I thought I was having my AF but it wasn’t normal, only lasted 2 days when it usually lasts 7 days with really bad cravings for sweet things, heavy bbs an cramping but this time nothing. It’s now 3 weeks and have had pregnancy symptoms since constantly…tests have come back neg. On the 4th I thought my AF was here but it only lasted again 2 days(I’m actually due for it today) so took another test still neg. I am literally… Read more »


I had two periods last month, one was a real period then two weeks later I had another but light. This month I havent started one and I’m feeling nausea all the time, I have to pee constantly, I have headaches,dizzy spells, bloating, and joint pain, and I’m tired more also my breast hurt.. I’m 17 what do I do?? Also I M not looking for, judgement I am grown and I have my own place and pay my own bills.


Hi Megan, it is possible what you experienced was ‘light spotting’. If it’s been more than 2 weeks since your period was due, it is also possible you could be pregnant. You should grab a home pregnancy test to be certain: http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/pregnancytest If the results of that are negative, then we suggest you check in with your doctor/GP to find out what might be causing your symptoms. — Jarrod

Poohcat Rochelle Collins

My period come on first of the month it came on 15 do u think I’m pregant

Poohcat Rochelle Collins

Somebody help


Hi Rochelle, it would be difficult for us to tell, as everyone’s body is different. I’d suggest you try out our free online pregnancy test http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/free-online-pregnancy-test/, and perhaps order a pregnancy test kit if you’re still concerned. — Jarrod


Hi i m newly married. i got my last periods on 2nd may.now my date is due but before it i m having some sickness signs like vomiting, mood swings, nosia, tired. i have taken test weeks before of my due date but it is negative. now it is 3rd. i dont know whether i m pregnant or not. please advice


Hi just wondering if Im pregnant or not . I had intercourse on the 1st 8th 9th and 15th then got my period on the 16th I don’t have reg periods but I felt sick from the 9th until I got my period I just went to insert a tampon and the pain is unreal if anyone has any input please

Confessions of Tired Moms

Here’s a funny article series I’m following!


Is it a problem to be pregnant while working full time and studying during weekends?


So I been on the depo for a year but I missed it last month still haven’t received it the whole time I was on it I bleed constantly , now I have been feeling nauseous for a week my Brest have been sore an changing colors an my appetite has change smell of foods bother me but I took a test an it came back negetive .? What should I do .? Am I pregnant. ?


I removed my nexplnon on January 20th no period came after I had it removed it’s been two weeks and 3 days I got a negative test today should I re test in a few days


I got a negative test and I had my nexplnon removed January 20th no period came after I removed it should I take another one in a few days

Anastasia Golden

I last had sex on the 2nd of January it is now the 28th. My period came on time but only lasted around 2 days. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Is there a chance I could still be pregnant?


i had sex on dec 14 i had my period dec 16 here it is january and i spotted some blood on jan 16 but now im not bleeding what could be wrong


I have missed 2 periods and had 3 negative home pregnancy tests and a negative blood test. I have been extremely tired, I get slight nausea every now and then and funny pains in my tummy. Could I be pregnant? I had no symptoms at all when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had negative tests at the doctors and found out that I was in fact pregnant at 13 weeks.!!


Can u help?


Hi room


I had miscarriage Dec 6th 2014 n now Jan 10th 2015 n having heaviness of breast n rough pimples on my face n coughing n urinating much. Does it means am preg?

mommie of 3

Hi i am 25 my last period was november the 18 havent had my period yet if i dont get it tomorrow i will be late just took a test iys negstive what to do


I am 38, I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship and have been doing nothing to prevent pregnancy, nothing became of it with 9 year olds father. I have been with my fiancé now for a year and have been trying to conceive all this time, I’m now 12 days late for period, I got a negative test at 8 days late. I’ve had major bloating(now goes up & down) headaches on an off, nausea, sore to touch boobs and I get heartburn all the time… I’m sick of getting negatives and really hoping this will… Read more »


Im late four days on my period I’ve been having a lot of discharge and few cramps could i be pregnant after my second child my period became iregular so now im confused can someone plz help


Are u having any other signs of thinkin u pregnant ie sickness sour boobs and have u took a test?


I’m 24 years old, November 18 was when I had my period, I haven’t gotten it this month (December) am I Pregnant? I had morning Sickness on 14 of December. Am I Pregnant.???


Have u took a test as u month late today aint u


Hi iv been feeling sick last few mornings I was sick 2 mornings again the sight of food makes me feel sick I had a hole day of a light pink bleed yesterday but stopped today so took pregnant test was neg but why am I feelung so sick and my boobs are a bit sour today and been gettin lower tummy pains nothin bad help please


Hi girls just to let u no all my signs was pregnancy took test this morning was pos. Good luck to everyone

Poohcat Rochelle Collins

Help me

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