Toby and Harriet want to fly around the world. But their aeroplane is missing something important. They’d better use their imaginations to come up with a solution.

How do you build an aeroplane when you’e only got one wing?

‘How to build an aeroplane when your’ve only got one wing?’ is a bright and colourful book. It has simple text which makes it easy to read for our emergent readers. But it’s also a great one to read with preschoolers.

The way this book has been illustrated gives you and your child lots to discover and talk about just by looking at the images.

The topics you could cover won’t get boring either. As they go from building a plane, to the different places you can visit around the world.

The book is all about problem-solving, and it’s done in a fun and simple to follow way. You could use this concept of problem-solving to inspire your kids to make an aeroplane at home using things around the house.

It also makes a great spring board book to talk about different places you could visit in the world.

I also love how ‘How do you build an aeroplane when you’ve only got one wing’ builds in technical language to do with planes and design.

How do you build an aeroplane when you’ve only got one wing inside page

Overall this is a fun and engaging book for kids aged between two and seven.


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