The world is, indeed, full of fascinating cities. This book takes you through stacks of cities from throughout the globe. Some are familiar, like Auckland and Queenstown, San Francisco and Athens. Some you might never have heard of (Samarkand, anyone?). With this book you can learn of both historical and current events, facts, food, information about cultures, architecture and so much more.

I’m liking

True to Lonely Planet Kids style, The Cities Book is full of colour and beautifully laid out. It will capture the attention of anyone – making an ideal coffee table book as well as a great text to increase your child’s geographical knowledge. Images are both photographic and cartoon.

Every new city page starts with a locator map, showing where the city is located in its country as well as in the world. There are no less than 209 pages of information on 86 cities in this large, hardcover title. It will keep you going for a while! It is most suited to kids who are 8+, but keen younger kids will enjoy parts of it too.

The conclusion

This is an excellent tool for teaching kids about the diversity found in many of the world’s cities. It’s politically-neutral, which I appreciated, and all round the sort of excellent reading material any parent would love their tween or teen to get into.

The Cities Book is a sister title to the Lonely Planet Kids bestselling title, The Travel Book. At RRP $29.99, it represents some serious value.


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