Collectables are all the rage right now, and Muffin Break has joined the craze with their adorable little Muffin Misfit toys. The Muffin Misfits are available in all Kid’s Mini Meals these school holidays. So you’ll need to hurry in to check them out.

We were fortunate enough to try out the Muffin Break Kid’s Mini Meal at the Porirua Cafe recently. To say the kids loved their Kid’s Mini Meal would be an understatement!

And then to see their eyes light up when they revealed which Muffin Misfit they had was awesome.

Muffin Break-Muffin Misfits-bag

First thing’s first though, what about the Kid’s Mini Meal? Well, we were pleasantly surprised by the offering.

The meals come in cute little ‘Muffin Misfits’ carry bags. And inside was a mini chocolate chip muffin, a jam sandwich (you can choose between a couple of different sandwiches) and a Charlies juice pouch. The kids devoured their meals, and they were both gracious enough to give me a try of their choc-chip muffins, which are super-yum by the way!

I thought the sandwich and fresh juice included were pretty decent options compared to some other restaurant alternatives too.

But of course, we weren’t just here for the scrummy muffins. We were here to check out the new Muffin Misfits. And the kids were definitely not disappointed.

The toys are really well made, and very collectable-cool. They’re made from soft silicon, in bright colours, with little adornments and really interactive faces. In fact, they’ve been part of our kids’ imaginative play ever since they got them.

There’s a whole range to discover, but our kids got ‘Poppy’ and ‘Chip’. This was hilariously accurate as Poppy is our daughter’s middle name, and our son was a bit grouchy the day we went there, just like Chip is!

Muffin Break-Muffin Misfits-Poppy

The kids also got a Muffin Misfits ‘collector’s card’ they can use to tick off each Misfit they collect.

And the meals also came with a ‘VIP card’ where every 2 Kid’s Mini Meals they eat over the school holidays, they get a bonus Muffin Misfit collectable. We’re already lined up to head back to Muffin Break this weekend!

On the Muffin Break website, they say:

There’s 8 crazy characters to collect that are bound to provide your children with hours of fun. Or at least keep them busy long enough for you to enjoy a freshly baked Muffin and barista-made Muffin Break coffee.

And this was accurate on both fronts. They were definitely kept busy long enough for us to enjoy a lovely coffee, and they’ve been involved in hours of play ever since too. So, 5 stars Muffin Break!

Check out the Muffin Break Facebook page to find a cafe near you, and get your kids into the Muffin Misfits collectable action these school holidays.


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