Jollytime by Kelvin Roy

CD Jollytime Cover 10-11

This is Kelvin Roy’s latest album and is a gorgeous collection of songs for kids, including Countdown, which is nominated for the APRA Children’s Music Awards.

I’m liking

Kelvin Roy makes great albums for kids and this is no exception. All of the songs have great interactivity and you’ll find yourself singing and dancing along with the kids. I love the way that the songs have challenging vocabulary (juxtapose!) and lots of opportunities to incorporate actions. Some of the songs are slower but others, like “Countdown” have a great dancing beat!

Songs like “You don’t have to be big” have a lovely positive messages, and others help support aspects of children’s learning such as counting (“Countdown”) and questions “The Question Song”

The conclusion

Good fun, some great learning and lots of interactive songs. A great album for preschoolers through into primary school aged children.

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