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Kelvin Roy is a Wellington-based musician who is producing some lovely sounds for kids. This album- Soothing Flora & Fauna- is a mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks with, as the title suggests, a soothing approach.

I’m liking

The album is a gentle and calm collection of tracks with lovely animal and nature themes. Some of the tracks are instrumental and they’re all at a soothing tempo which means that it would be great for ‘calm’ periods with your child. I know lots of parents who like to play soothing music while their child goes to sleep and this album would be excellent for that.

Having said that, there is enough going on in the music for you and your child to have a wee boogie as well. I have, several times, found my three year old swaying away to this cd.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The tracks on this album do get to sound a bit similar after a while but I guess that’s part of the relaxing nature of it.

The conclusion

A lovely cd of locally crafted tunes. I love the fact that there are New Zealand references and I can definitely see that this album would be great as a way to help your child wind down at the end of the day. You can find out more about Kelvin’s music here:

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