Birth can be one of most amazing experiences but can also be a scary and confusing time. We bring you information on everything from preparing for birth to what to expect during labour and different kinds of births.

51 New Zealand services for new parents

Life with a newborn can be absolutely amazing, but it can also be hectic and overwhelming. Thankfully there are a…


Sometimes births don't go quite as you'd like them to and we cover some of the common complications that can occur.


If you're wondering about labour and what to expect, check out our information here. We cover the main stages of labour and also give you information about pain relief.

Packing for a hospital birth

When you’re heavily pregnant, one of the last things you are likely to feel like doing is leaning over a…

Pregnancy and Birth Terms Glossary

This easy to use pregnancy and birth terms glossary helps you understand terms commonly used by midwives, doctors and those…

Special Births

All births are different and in this section, we cover some special types of birth such as multiple births and premature births.

The Birth

Are you wondering what will happen during the birth of your baby? Check out our section on birth.

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