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Preschoolers: Health and Well-Being

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Want to know more about childhood diseases or keeping your preschooler healthy? Check out our articles here.


Find out more about common childhood allergies.

Building immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your…

Dealing with threadworms in kids

A beam of sunlight projects through the window and across the bathroom.  You notice the dust motes dancing in the…

Drinking fluids

Ensuring your child is drinking adequate fluids is very important. So is choosing the right type of fluid! Here is…

Emergency checklist for sick children

This emergencies checklist provides invaluable advice on when it is a medical emergency and when you can routinely visit your…

Food allergies

This Food Allergies article gives great advice and information on allergies and nutrition for families in New Zealand.

Food for sick kids

This article contains great advice and nutritional tips for invalid food to help your sick child or invalid back to…

Getting rid of head lice

Head lice are an age old problem – they have always existed in human communities and they can only be…

Healthy Breakfasts

Kids regularly need Healthy Breakfasts — find out why + a Breakfast chart + eating strategies & helpful tips on…


In this section we cover common illnesses for preschoolers.


All you need to know about immunisation for your preschooler

Iron for children

Children need iron in their diet. Read about iron for children — child requirements, types of iron, causes & symptoms…

Keeping safe in the sun

There are several reasons why New Zealanders are at a high risk for developing skin cancers – including our ancestors…

Oral Health for children

Oral health affects not only general health – it has an influence on social and psychological factors, influencing self-esteem, the…

Sun safety at school

Schools and kindergartens are very aware of sun safety for children in their care.  Read more about keeping your kids…

The positive side of headlice

“They are not airplanes!!,” my six year old yelled. Followed by, “They are not pteradactyls.” And a fit of giggles….

Using paracetamol with children

Using paracetamol (Pamol and Panadol) with kids can be a difficult business. On one hand, you’ve got a poor, sick…

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