A new cook book from Joan Bishop, well-known as ‘Queen of the Crockpot’, A Southern Woman’s Kitchen: Crockpot Cooking and More for the Family Table has a range of delicious recipes that will keep the whole family happy.

I’m liking

This book is full of hearty, tasty recipes that are sure to satisfy the whole family. Although it’s based around crock pot recipes, It’s not just a crock pot book and there are also meals and baking that don’t require a crock pot. You will find recipes for all tastes and seasons.

The thing that I really liked about this book was that the recipes are tasty and interesting without being fussy or fancy. You won’t need to run off to the supermarket for special ingredients and the flavours are interesting but not to challenging. This book has some of the most delicious crock pot recipes I’ve come across.

The conclusion

I’ve enjoyed trying a range of recipes in this book and several (chicken in creamy tomato sauce and sweet paprika goulash) have already gone into regular rotation. I totally recommend this book and as excellent addition to your stash of cook books!

Southern Woman’s Kitchen: Crockpot Cooking and More for the Family Table retails for $39.99


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