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5 things you definitely don’t know about Hi-5


With the Hi-5 House Hits tour just about to hit New Zealand shores, we wanted to find out something about Hi-5 we didn’t already know. Continue reading »

Matariki Events and Activities Around New Zealand – 2019

Matariki Events in New Zealand

Every year towns and cities throughout New Zealand host a range of events and activities based around Matariki. These range from art exhibitions, to festivals, to themed planetarium events. Each year Matariki grows a little stronger and it’s now become a recognised celebration in many parts of the country.  Continue reading »

Auckland Zoo Ranger Academy

Auckland Zoo July Holidays

African savannah

Home to giraffe, zebra, ostrich, meerkats, leopard tortoises and African masked lovebirds, the new African savannah brings Auckland Zoo visitors closer than ever to wildlife, in an environment that offers a real sense of adventure. Continue reading »

Interview with Mister Maker


The Kiwi Families team got the opportunity to interview Mister Maker for his upcoming tour. Read on to find out what he’s looking forward to when he gets to New Zealand and some great advice he has for kids that love making things.

Continue reading »

Immunisation during pregnancy protects babies


It’s well known that getting children immunised helps protect them from some serious diseases. What is less well known is that women can get immunised during pregnancy for whooping cough and the flu. Immunisation during pregnancy helps protect mums and babies from the harmful effects of these diseases. Continue reading »



ThroughBlue is a Wellington based support group for women with experience of depression.  It has been running for the last 12 years and is a registered charity.  The group runs every Friday from 12.30-2.30 and is facilitated by two counsellors.  Continue reading »

Board games in the digital age

board games

When most people hear the word “gamer”, they usually add the prefix “video” subconsciously. But, while digital games have slowly become accepted as part of mainstream entertainment, the past decade has also seen the unexpected growth of an industry that many assumed would become redundant in the era of Playstations and iPads: tabletop board games. Continue reading »

Daryl Brougham: Through the eyes of a foster child

new beginnings

Our feature at the moment is New Beginnings and over the last couple of months, we’ve heard HEAPS of amazing stories about people who have had all kinds of new beginnings. In this interview, we talk to Daryl Brougham, who experienced many challenges as a child. Despite these challenges, he went on to become a social worker – so that the things he experienced wouldn’t happen to other children. Daryl’s also written a book about his experiences in his new book – Through the Eyes of a Foster Child.

Continue reading »

Not Alone – Child Inter-Family Sexual Abuse Support – CIFSAS


Child Inter-Family Sexual Abuse Support – CIFSAS is an organisation whose vision is to provide a safe environment where the whanau of child inter-family sexual abuse can come together and find strategies to recover as a family unit. Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Jackie Kulak and Grey + Wild

Great Kiwi Families

In our series on Great Kiwi Families we get to meet kiwis (new and old!) who are doing cool things. Jackie Kulak is a new-to-New Zealand mum with an eye for style, whose whole family has had a new beginning. Not only has the family recently moved from the UK, but Jackie has opened a stunning new store in Takapuna – Grey +Wild. Here’s some more about Jackie’s new beginning. Continue reading »

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