You may have read our review of Mountain Buggy’s infant capsule – peppy. Well, the protect is an updated version of this capsule. It’s a compact, safety assured capsule that will work for a range to cars / families.

I’m liking

I liked the peppy but I loved the protect. Mountain Buggy has heard the feedback on the peppy and made some great changes to make the capsule more user-friendly. Here are some of my favourite changes:

  • It now comes with a car seatbelt base! The peppy was either belted in or used with an isofix base. I don’t have isofix in my car so it could only be belted in. This was generally fine but could be a bit fiddly as I currently have 3 car seats in my car and things are pretty tight. The base is the best I’ve tried – you just put it down and it snaps in place.
  • You no longer need to bring the handle forward when in place in the car. It is safe in any position.
  • The capsule now has a 5 point harness
  • The handle is easier to hold and the buttons for moving the handle forward and back are much easier to access.
  • The hood is no long fixed to the handle, making it easier to move around.

The conclusion

This is a great capsule and ticks all of my boxes. It works with the travel systems on lots of different buggies and it (of course!) meets all safety standards. An excellent update from Mountain Buggy.


Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!


  1. Emma-Jane Paterson Reply

    Hi,I am concerned that there is a lot of side to side movement when the base is installed with the seat belt?Is this unsafe and what can I do to fix this?

  2. do you know if the protect is exactly the same as the phil & teds alpha?

    • Mountain Buggy Reply

      Hi Bob, it’s Mountain Buggy here. Yes the protect and phil&teds alpha use the same safety technology of the high side protection and thickened EPS foam. The Universal base for easy installation in the car fits both protect and alpha. Hope this helps. Thanks MBx

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