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“Polytechnic” is the standard term used to talk about the tertiary education sector that comprises the polytechnics and institutes of technology in New Zealand.

Everyone needs to learn mathematics. Reasons for this include it being a basic necessity in many aspects of our day to day life and essential in most areas…

English is one of two subjects that remain compulsory through to Year 11 and often in Year 12. It is arguably the most important of subjects in…

There are certain subjects at Level Three, in which students — principally in Year 13 — have an opportunity to win scholarship. Scholarship is a monetary award designed to recognize…

We’ve put together a glossary of the language used when talking about NCEA. We hope it will help you to understand your child’s assessment. 

Homework becomes a much more important part of education once your teenager reaches secondary school. It is likely that your son/daughter will have homework every school night until…

Schools should have well set out and organised guidelines and policies on behaviour available to staff, students and parents. 

Assessment in secondary schools has been through a huge change in recent years. Chances are it is poles apart from the way you were assessed when you attended…

Giftedness is having a natural gift for something. We’ve all heard children refered to as “intelligent”, “genius”, “advanced” or “accelerate”. Often what we mean, without realising it or…

Trying to figure out how to transport your child to and from a new school can cause some problems.  Some students are entitled to School Transport help.

An independent school, more commonly known as a private school is another education choice available.  Find out more in our Independent Schools article.

Home Schooling in New Zealand

Home schooling is basically just that, educating children in their home rather than in a school environment. Home schooling in New Zealand is also referred to as Home Education.

A glossary is always helpful. Here in our education glossary you can find explanations for all those education terms and anagrams you have heard and read.

Choosing the right school

Deciles and decile ratings are two terms we as parents hear a lot but what do they mean?  Find out and learn what deciles mean for your child’s…

Choosing a school for your child to attend can be difficult. There are all sorts of you need to know. Read more in our Choosing a School article.

The Board of Trustees is in charge of running the school and making any major decisions.  Learn more about the Board of Trustees in our article.

Parenting teens

Parenting expert Diane Levy provides some background explanation, tips, information and advice about problems raising teenage children (girls and boys), child behaviour, and parenting teens in New Zealand.

Frustrated in your efforts with the behaviour problems and development issues of your young boy or girl?  Whether it be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 year…

child development

Looking for guidelines or checklist of the developmental stages and milestones for your toddler boy or teenage girl? We provide excellent articles for Parents on the key stages and milestones in…

Dealing with bullying

Bullying continues to be an awful problem for many children. Our first step needs to be to listen to our children’s story and support their feelings, although this…

Bullying is not okay. Bullying is a common behaviour problem with potentially serious ramifications such as health problems, depression, even suicide. Many schools have anti-bullying programmes and policies…

Careers New Zealand

Parents are the single biggest influence on young people’s career plans and can play a significant role in helping family members to make informed decisions about their future. Here…


This article describes the uncomfortable condition of sinusitis, including some valuable advice on relieving the symptoms of sinusitis.

What is pneumonia

This article covers the signs and symptoms of pneumonia, the treatment and the complications that can occur in children with pneumonia.

What is the flu

This article on influenza – or flu as it is commonly known – explains the common symptoms of flu and how to care for your afflicted child.

This article on colds is full of great advice on how to ease the symptoms of the common cold, including traditional and natural remedies.

This article explains the cause of cold sores, how to prevent the spread of them and the treatment available for cold sores in New Zealand today.

This article on chapped lips contains great information on how to prevent and treat chapped lips in adults and children.

This article covers the signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis, the treatment and the complications that can occur in babies with bronchiolitis.

Eating to build Immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your immunity can help you to stay well.

child examined by doc

Giardia is a common NZ parasite. Kiwi Families has provided helpful articles on giardia and explains the signs and symptoms, treatment, risks & complications of the giardia stomach…

what is gastro

We provide information on gastroenteritis and explains the signs and symptoms, Treatments, Risks and Complications of this bug and the special considerations for children with gastroenteritis.


Read on to find out all about campylobacter, we explain the signs and symptoms, treatments, risks and complications of the stomach bug and how to prevent the spread of campylobacter.

We provide information about Scarlet Fever – the causes, signs and symptoms, treatment, risks and complications and advice on how to help your child at home with scarlet fever.

We provide information and advice about the signs and symptoms, treatments, risks and complications of rubella or German measles – most importantly the potential complication for pregnant women.

Chicken pox is a highly infectious disease characterised by a fever and rash. We provide information and advice about the signs and symptoms, treatments, risks and complications of chicken…

injection needle

Meningitis is inflammation of the layers covering the brain and spinal cord. It is an illness that can be caused by a virus, fungus, parasite, bacterium, medical condition…

Glandular fever

Kiwi Families have provided information about the cause of glandular fever, the spread of the disease and how to help your child with glandular fever.

What is a fever

This article explains fever, the signs and symptoms in children and some great tips on how to manage fever at home.

Whooping cough-Pertussis

This article explains what whooping cough is and how it could affect your child. There’s some great advice on the signs and symptoms, treatments, and how to help…

Strep throat is a common condition – read about the signs and symptoms and how the doctor will treat a strep throat.

How is a sore throat caused

This parent friendly article covers the signs and symptoms of sore throats, the treatment and complications that can occur in children with sore throats.

This Mumps article give parents concise information on the signs and symptoms of mumps and how to care for a child with mumps at home.

what is an ear infection

This article explains the types of ear infections in toddlers and young children, the signs and symptoms to look out for and the treatment for ear infections.

The majority of smokers try quitting smoking and yet many fail – here are some tips for smokers and their families to successfully quit smoking.

Smoking is widely practised around the world. Find out about tobacco smoking and why so many people — adults, parents and teenagers alike — smoke, despite the known…

Dance parties and drugs are often linked together. Make sure you know about the effects of drugs before taking any chances at dance parties.

Class A Drugs, such as heroin and methamphetamine, get a lot of press. Why are class A drugs so dangerous and what do parents and teenagers need to…

Cannabis is the third most widely used recreational drug in New Zealand. Read more about the effects of cannabis and tips for safety in teenage years. Cannabis is…

Alcohol at parties can be great fun, but alcohol at parties can also spell disaster. Here are some great tips for your parties.

Alcohol is readily available among teenagers and pre-teens in New Zealand. For NZ parents we overview some key facts on the abuse of alcohol and the effects of alcohol on…

This article on the Intra Uterine Device / IUD contraceptive explains how it works, who IUDs are suitable for, and the advantages & disadvantages of intra uterine devices.

This article on diaphragms and caps explains how they work, who they are suitable for and the advantages & disadvantages of diaphragms and caps. Note: Diaphragms and caps…

This article on Depo Provera Contraceptive Injection explains how it works, who the injection is suitable for, the risks, the side effects, and the advantages  and disadvantages of Depo…

This article on condoms what they are and how they work, the pros and cons of condoms and how to use them safely!