Family Finances - a topic close to every parent's heart in these tough economic times - provides free tips to save money, practical financial advice on reducing debt, cutting costs, budgeting and protecting your greatest family asset.


Sometimes dealing with banks can be a maze of forms and paperwork. Here is some helpful information to guide you through dealing with your bank!

Budget Friendly Christmas Shopping for Kids

Christmas time can be a stressful time of year for Kiwi families. We’ve all been there; Christmas shopping in the…

Getting Help

Information on where to go if you need help with your family finances.

Household Expenses

Here are some great ideas to help you manage your family's household expenses.


Insurance can be a confusing and complicated business. We've put together some information on insurance to help protect you and the things you value.


Helping your kids to manage their money is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Here we talk about some important money issues for kids.

Managing Debt

Feel like you need some help to manage your debt? Want some tips for sorting out what you owe? Kiwi Families has the information for you.

Protecting your assets

We've got information to help you protect the things that are important to you.


It can be a real struggle to figure out how to save your money... where to put it... how to save it... we cover it all.

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