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Toilet roll autumn trees

Autumn trees

Whether or not it’s autumn where you live right now, it’s a great season to celebrate. I love the glowing light on a pleasant autumn evening. And of course the leaves changing colour and falling are a beautiful sight too. Making these toilet roll autumn trees is the perfect craft, for the perfect season! Continue reading »

How to keep your kids safe once they are walking

keep your kids safe once they are walking

Little is as exciting as seeing your child take their first steps. Simultaneously, little is as daunting, stressful or nerve-wracking as this new ability to walk – it does after all pose potential dangers for your toddler.

Still it’s not difficult to reduce these risks to help ensure that your child remains safe from accident and injury as they grow more mobile and independent. Here are some simple tips and tools for avoiding hazards and keeping your kids safe around the home. Continue reading »

Thoughts on loving and learning in life

Learning in life





Without one there are none of the others. Our bodies, hearts and minds connect each of us to ourselves, others and the world through love, life and learning. We are living life fully when we embrace our natural urges to experience and engage in love and learning. Continue reading »

Blended families: Can’t we all just get along?

taking resentment out of sibling relationships

One of the major challenges within your blended family will be how to bond your stepchildren with your own children. We all have that ideal fantasy, The Brady Bunch blended family: where at the end of the day, all of your children will love and respect each other. Continue reading »

Interview with Hi-5!


Hi guys! We’re really excited that you’re coming to New Zealand. My kids love to sing and dance along to your songs. Continue reading »

Decorating your home this Christmas


I have been thinking about traditions, and family, and how to make the effort lately.  It’s easier not to make the effort.  You feel the desire not to make the effort right through to your bones when you’re a sleep-deprived zombie, for whom stringing together a sentence that is more than a few syllables is a challenge.  You run from effort when your kids have been at home sick for a week, like mine have lately, and you think putting a festive TV show is about as much effort as you can muster in the celebration department.  Continue reading »

When do the children dream?

When do the children dream?

Dreams help us to decide which actions to take next, which attitudes to shift, which people to spend time with. Dreams ebb, flow and transform over time and reflect where we are at; our present world and self-views. Dreams can happen day or night, so when do the children dream? Continue reading »

Lunch box ideas – it doesn’t have to be so hard!

lunch box ideas

School lunches… I can hear you groaning from here. They are one of those chores that causes a lot of worry and stress. Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Grace Xue

Great Kiwi Families: Grace Xue

Our theme over October and November is ‘Following your Dreams’ and we’re so enjoying meeting people who are doing just that. In this interview, we meet Grace Xue – founder of Lighthouse At-Home Childcare. Continue reading »

Cute crafts for Father’s Day


Dad, daddy, papa, father, da, dadda… however they say it, if your kids are anything like mine they adore the man about the house!  It’s a lot of fun to get together and make something for Father’s Day, and it’s somehow that much more special to give something handmade for this kind of celebration (though if your man about the house is anything like mine, he won’t complain about a block of Whittaker’s Peanut Butter chocolate if it accompanies said handmade gift).

We’ve selected some of the coolest crafts we could find, and those that will suit a variety of age groups.  Have fun putting a smile on your dad’s face (and try to remember something for grandads/koros too!)


Continue reading »

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