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Interview with Mister Maker


The Kiwi Families team got the opportunity to interview Mister Maker for his upcoming tour. Read on to find out what he’s looking forward to when he gets to New Zealand and some great advice he has for kids that love making things.

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Strategies for raising healthy little eaters

7446779_s toddler at table eating

Wal Herring is the author of Healthy Little Eaters, and she has a wealth of wisdom to share about kids and food.  The Kiwi Families team had the chance to ask her a few questions, which shed light on why this is such an important topic for parents to think carefully about.

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Checkerboard Unicorn Cake Tutorial


One of our best friends’ daughters was turning six recently.  I asked her what she wanted on her cake… and she said a unicorn.  So this is what we created for her birthday party.  It’s really simple.  Really simple!  But pretty effective.  Here is a step by step tutorial so you can recreate the cake.  It has a checkerboard effect when cut (which is not time consuming or difficult, though it appears both 😉 ).  The most difficult thing is the unicorn, and if this troubles you – just buy one and stick it on top! Continue reading »

Five steps to happier homework


There are many opinions surrounding homework but whichever way you look at it, there are clear benefits for children who have developed a home study routine before they enter high school. Continue reading »

Why is this strategy backfiring: Dealing with anger

dealing with anger

Hi Jen,

I was wondering if you had some advice that could help us.   We have been looking for a good way to help our son release his anger without damaging property or hurting anyone.  We thought that getting him to punch a pillow or soft toy might help but we’ve noticed that when he does this it seems to keep his anger going rather get it out. We were under the impressions that this was a pretty common and effective strategy. Could you explain why this is backfiring and suggest something that may be more helpful for him?

Thanks heaps in advance,

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Toilet roll autumn trees

Autumn trees

Whether or not it’s autumn where you live right now, it’s a great season to celebrate. I love the glowing light on a pleasant autumn evening. And of course the leaves changing colour and falling are a beautiful sight too. Making these toilet roll autumn trees is the perfect craft, for the perfect season! Continue reading »

A fresh start: Advice for parents of Year 9 students


These early days of a new school years are really important for how our young people will learn to get the best out of their school year. Here is some advice for parents of Year 9 students who might be new to life at secondary schoolContinue reading »

Take back power over devices (and earn your children’s respect)


What a cruel end to a lazy, warm summer! Kids’ feet cramped by shoes; t-shirts and togs replaced with stiff uniforms, and parents girding themselves to become disciplinarians again. Where we had been camping and playing in the surf with our kids, the beginning of the school year heralds the parent as morning alarm clock, school bag and homework reminder, bedtime enforcer and controller of devices.

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Handy tips for cycling with the family this summer


A common question parents ask cycling instructors is “how will my child become more confident on a bike?” Kiwi cycling instructor Marilyn Northcotte passes on her tips for parents to help them keep their kids cycling safely and confidently. Continue reading »

Mum creating quality entertainment for girls

Sylvie & Arabella

To look at me, you might see a bit of a Mumsie. And you’d be right! I’m 46 years old, with two daughters, a sedate driving style and a fondness for macramé. Ok that last bit is a joke, but then again, I was genuinely excited when we bought a new sofa recently! And there are other signs of middle age, if you go looking. My grey roots, for example… Continue reading »

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