With information on everything from education to healthcare, we bring you great information to support you as you parent your teenager.

15 Key Factors to Building Teen Resilience

A young person’s world can be shaken by any number of difficult life issues, from the real shaking of an…

Activities for teens

We overview heaps of different activities for teens in NZ. This section helps you in choosing which activities & programs are right for your child.

Back to school

All you need to know about sending your teenager back to school.


Dealing with teenage behaviour can be a real challenge. We've got some great articles to help you through the tricky times.


Planning a party for your teenager? We've got great ideas for food, themes and games to get the party going.

Creative Arts and Crafts

A range of ideas to get your teenager started with being creative.

Dealing with other kids

Relationships with other kids aren't always easy. In this section we cover making friends and how to deal with bullying.


Find out how your teen can learn to drive safely.


If your confused about education for your teen, read on! We cover everything from subject choices to explaining NCEA.

Food and Nutrition

In this section we cover everything you need to know about food and nutrition for your teenager.


Want to know more about the gear your teenager needs for school? Check out our gear guides here.

Health and Well-Being

Want to know more about childhood diseases or keeping your teenager healthy? Check out our articles here.

Job Hunting

It can be a worrying time trying to help a seemingly unmotivated young person find work. They have lots of choices but find it hard to know where to start.

Let's Talk About Sex

Great information to help you discuss sex with your teen

Parenting teens

Parenting expert Diane Levy provides some background explanation, tips, information and advice about problems raising teenage children (girls and boys), child behaviour,…

Raising Responsible Teens – The 6 key ingredients

Sometimes teenagers seem to turn into different people overnight, and parents just don’t know how to handle their changing child…

Sleep Issues

Struggling with your teenager's sleep patterns? You're not alone! Find out more here!

Teen development

We cover important areas of teen development including key milestones.

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